Eco Bazaar at Setia Eco Park

Cute as well as useful, this red mushroom is a water spike made from porous terracotta. 

Water will slowly seep out of the unpainted cone, below the mushroom.
It is ideal for keeping potted plants hydrated.

Watering Spikes are just one of the many items I brought to the Eco Bazaar in Setia Eco Park last Sunday.

I requested for 4 tables to display my wares.

Canopies were prepared for us but my goods overflowed from the 4 tables and canopy, much to my own surprise.

Chilli was a HOT favourite.

So were my fruiting mulberry plants, lemon grass and herbs.

Many people admired the moon cactus but not that many people purchased them.
One gentleman purchased 2 pots of moon cactus but was pressured by family members to exchange the cactus for some other plants.
Some say that putting cactus plants in the house bring bad luck.
I am sure some of you would have heard the same story.
I think that if one believes that it will bring bad luck, then it probably will.
If one finds a moon cactus beautiful, then it will probably bring about smiles followed by happiness.
What do you think?


  1. I hope you did well at your bazaar. The plants all looked beautiful. But of course, I love the little mushroom water spike. I find your Moon Cactus beautiful, perhaps they will do better at another sale.

  2. The water spikes are very fun but I'm surprised at the notion that a cactus would bring bad luck. I agree that if it makes you happy then only goodness can ensue.

  3. The mushroom water spike is very useful, nice idea.

  4. Looks like you enjoyed perfect weather for your day at the bazaar! Goodness that's a lot of plants on the tables. I hope you fared well. I have a mulberry tree way back by the golf course. While the birds love the berries it's a very messy tree and I'm always having to pull up sprouts and seedlings.

  5. I am so glad you posted the photos. You had a lovely display and so many pretty plants. I never heard that about cactus either. I would be in a lot of bad luck, because I have quite a few.

  6. The watering spikes are very innovative idea, can I get them in supermarkets here? You have lots of plants to show at the bazaar especially cactus. Yes Ive heard from a Chinese guy abt keeping cactus at home is bad feng shui or something because of their thorns/spikes. But as you said, if you believe it then it will happen..

  7. Hello One. I have brought my agave cacti in and I am afraid that they are dying. Any suggestions for keeping them over the winter? Perhaps they are dry or too hot? It has been in the 30's and 20's, I brought them in, but the leaves are yellowing. So much for my luck. Your display at the bizaar is spectacular. Your cactus gardens look like so much fun. I don't know if you celebrate Thanksgiving, but let me wish you happy Thanksgiving anyway (Thursday--we eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie). cheers. ann

  8. Hi One...I love your display! So many pretty plants...hope they were all sold out! I've heard about cactus bringing bad luck but I don't believe in it. The mushroom water spike is cute!Nice shots of the chilli plants and the mulberry fruit. Looks most delicious! The mulberry, I mean.

  9. I started to harvest my mulberry fruits. They are a litter bit sour.

  10. The watering spike is so cute. I have not seen them in sale around here yet though.

  11. Lifeshighway, I love the water spike too. It comes in many different shapes including lovebirds and ladybirds.

    Marguerite, Over here, we hear this superstition often. Logically, putting a big spiky plant in the living hall may not be practical. Statements are generalized. Not everyone question the origin and meaning of statements like this.

    Ellada, A water spike that has the look of a mushroom is definitely nice.

    Kris, The weather was good but a little on the hot side. Over here, most of us prune our mulberry plants regularly. After each pruning, new fruits grow in abundance. They have no chance to become big and messy.

    Donna, Maybe adding gnomes to cactus will counter bad luck. Haha!

    P3chandan, I haven't seen these watering spikes in the supermarkets.

    Ann, Could your agave be asking for more sunlight or artificial light? Happy Thanksgiving!

    Cina Fong, Thanks.

    Kanak7, The mulberries are sweet only when they turn almost black.

    Rainfield, Wait till they turn black before harvesting.

    Diana, Looks like not many has seen these watering spikes. They are cute and useful for small pots.

  12. You do have a lot of plants at the bazaar. Do you own a nursery? I like the watering spikes. Do you know where I can buy them?

    Regarding the cactus, some (also mention by some feng shui masters) believe that thorns are like poison arrows, so it is not advisable to place them inside the home. We can still grow the cactus but we usually place them outside the house as a protective cure / guard against bad vibes.

  13. Autumn Belle, I got mine from a wholesaler. The Eco Bazaar is on every 3rd Sunday of the month. The next one is on Dec 19th, a few days before Christmas.

  14. for the cactus bit... i believe its in your mind. as you have put it, if one thinks it brings bad luck, then it probably will.

    i was told of this bad luck thingy before and my reply to the person was that the torns keep out the bad lucks. so one should be thankful and keep cactus instead. he had to reply. :)

  15. sorry... i meant to say "he had NO reply to my statement".

  16. You have many plants in Bazaar! You must have green thumb to grow all those cactus!
    I like your Mulberry plant! the fruit looks so juicy!

  17. I have commented but it was lost, so have to write again! So this is the one you told me about! Congratulations, you did it. For how long will that be, and how many helps you have there? You certainly have plants in the right conditions for the sale, i love doing that too once in a while. Maybe you have a wide garden to tend them. If i'm just near i will help you, it certainly looks like fun. I love it.

  18. Atai, I've heard of this statement about cactus by Feng Shui Masters. I've also heard the exact opposite by different Feng Shui masters. The latter is similar to what you have in mind. Anyway, I think statements are usually generalized. It is up to each individual to decide what suits them.

    Malar, I didn't grow those cactus. When I saw those moon cactus, I thought they were beautiful and make great Christmas gifts and decided to purchased them from a wholesaler.

    Andrea, It's a once a month affair. My family was there to assist. It was fun but I think I brought too many things. Unlike other stuff, plants are not stackable. It would have been great fun to have you around

  19. I had never heard that cactus brings bad luck. With your tables so full, you were a one-woman garden center! :0)

  20. Very nice idea that of the water mushroom.
    In mexico is good luck to have some types of cactus and also aloe. It is supposed to protect when other people wish you bad.

  21. that's cool that you got to display your plants for sale. I can't imagine why the moon cactus would be considered bad luck. Is it because of the thorns? I do think it's hard to combat the feeling that something is bad luck! If I heard it was bad luck, silly as it might sound, I might not bring it into my house JUST IN CASE!

  22. You have many plants! I can see why the chili is a HOT favourite! Yes, I have heard of the beliefs that cactus brings back luck if it is planted in the house compound, it may break up a family or bring bad luck in other areas! Like Autumn Belle says, if planted outside the house compound, it helps to keep off evils. It is a matter of personal beliefs, I guess! Maybe, plant the "prickless' variety in the house compound, and the "pricky" ones outside?? ^..^

  23. Really cool pics...I love the chili plant....as for cactus in the house.....they don't bring bad luck....that's just silly nonsense:), but I don't have them in mine as they like to prick people....so I have them on my window ledge outside:)

  24. I don't believe in luck so it wouldn't bother me bringing one back into the house. I didn't tell you in the last post One but I am looking 15 moon cacti just now - red, yellow and orange ones. A few have flowers about to open on them.

  25. This looks like a wonderful bazaar and how funny is that about superstitions ? .. I think you are very right .. it all depends on your attitude .. plants are beautiful wonders we should appreciate! .. well, I'm not a fan of weeds but hey .. everything has a right to live on this big blue marble ! LOL

  26. Hey, are you selling all these? I am finding for water spikes but couldn't find them anywhere online in malaysia. :( Get back to me in my blog if you do sell them please! kinda emergency. Got a job and now my plants are dying after noon. T__T



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