Chilli Collection

Several varieties of chillies have been added to the garden a few months ago.
They were all grown from seeds.

Black Pearl Chillies
This is an ornamental variety with dark coloured foliage.
The purple flowers turn into light green chillies and then to black pearls. 
Eventually they will all become rich, deep red.

Bird's Eye Chillies
This is very common and is known as 'cili padi' here.
However, the lady beetles usually call it their 'home'.

Round Chillies
The flower is white on the outside and purple on the inside.
I don't know the name to this one but it is pretty small in size; less than 2cm. 
 They do look like tomatoes but taste nothing like it.
Yes, I have tried and smoke came out of my ears!


  1. Alison like chilli, curry and all things spicy, but I can't handle anything more than very mild. I probably should grow them, but she might make me eat them :)

  2. I like your mosaics. I always look forward to them on Bloom Day and wonder why more bloggers do not use them more often. Combining the images takes imagination to get good combos, and most do a great job like you have done. Cute little bugs too. Bugs and bees have all but disappeared from the GWGT garden.

  3. Paul, You are really funny. Hope you will grow them for Alison's sake. Keep the fire extinguisher nearby in case if you have to eat them.

    Donna, Yes, mosaics would be nice for Bloom Day. Have the bugs and bees gone to a warmer place?

  4. My stomach cannot tolerate chilies, which is really too bad because you have made them look so appetizing in your mosaic.

  5. I love chilis as long as they're not too hot. I've bitten into a dried chili a few times eating indian or chinese food and always ended up with a runny nose and teary eyes! Great pictures and cool bugs! :0)

  6. I'm with you One. I love growing chillies. Those black pearls look interesting. I've never tried them - do you wait until they turn red to pick them?

  7. I wish I am successful as you are at growing chillies! I absolutely adore chillies, the spicier, the better!

  8. those black pearl chilies look interesting - we grow the birds eye as well, but I find them too hot. I have just discovered a chili that looks like a jalapeno and has fast become a favourite in the household.

  9. The black pearl chili flower looks like eggplant flower. You got something other than red fruit in your garden now. I miss cili padi so much.

  10. Beautiful collages One. Very interesting to see so many kinds of peppers. Hot! !;>)

  11. Wow - I've never seen thos black pearl chilies they look great.

  12. Hi Patty, chillies do upset stomach, tongue, nose etc. Yet some people still can do without them.

    TS, Me too. I do get teary eyes and runny nose but I still torture myself once in a while. Avoid the seeds to reduce the sufferings.

    Missy, I like the Black Pearls. They look great but I think I shall leave them as ornamental plants. I might just have a small bite when it turns red just to taste.

    Kitchenflavours, Someday, you'll have a healthy pot of chillies to go with your cooking.

    Africanaussie, It is too hot but I like to have just a little to enhance the taste of bland food. :)

    Diana, Haha! These black pearls will eventually turn RED!!!

  13. Hahaha, One, i bet some smoke also came out of your other crevices. I also see these ornamental peppers in ornamental stores here, but we don't put them on tables. I saw it in Holiday Inn Hotel in Strasbourg, France being used as decorations in restaurant tables. It's good it doesn't go well for croissants, or else they will not look nice without the fruits. haha!

  14. You have variety of chilies in your garden! That's great! You like to eat sambal?

  15. Carol, I enjoy growing them although I really can't even consume 1% of them.

    Veggiegobbler, Yup! I think they are beautiful too. Cannot wait till they turn red.

    Andrea, You imagine me as a dragon emitting smoke through my nose and fire through my mouth?

    Malar, I love to eat sambal. I think you are good at making them.

  16. Love your mosaics..how do you do that? Must learn some technics from veterans like you One. Anyway the chilies you have are looking as good as they are hot!

  17. I love chilies but have never tried to grow them. Maybe someday soon. I will get back to you for tips.

  18. p3chandan, Thank you. I left you a note at your blog wrt collages. Feel free to write to me if you have further questions.

    Bom, Actually I grow everything almost the same way. Some gets more sun than others.

  19. That was funny! Lovely pictures. Chilies are not the easiest crop to grow, I am told.

  20. I love the burning sensation of chilli. That black pearl chilli is beautiful!

  21. I love all your chilis. What a bounty! Now, let me see. We can make curry, sambal belacan, kimchee or yong tow foo. Any excess can be made into pickled chili for wantan noodles, konlo mee. Oh yeah, we can add pickled chili to pizza too. Wanna add some cut chili padi to Kampung fried rice or meehoon ker? Oh, I am getting hungry already!



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