Caption - Piggy Back Rides

Thank you for the hilarious captions.

Dave : Which way is the sun?

One : I Believe I Can Fly (Song Title)
(Notice the bird shape on the left?)

One :  You are really disgusting! Please chew with your mouth closed!

Solitude Rising : I really suck at this game. I'll just enjoy watching the two of you poke one another with your antlers.

Cathy and Steve : Here, let me help you eat that.

One : You ain't heavy, you are my brother.

Autumn Belle : Tell me, how's the view up there?

Diana : Measurement for a new vest.

Lisa : Spring fever!

Dave : Buzz off! I was here first.

Squirrel Queen : Aw...there's nothing like a good back rub after a hard day at the office!

Cathy and Steve : Aren't you getting a little old for piggy back rides?

Here are 3 more photos.
Can you hear them?
If you do, kindly share with the rest of us.


Camera Critters


  1. 1. Look, I brought you a Hallowe'en present.
    2. How did we all get trapped in here?
    3. Mom, Mom, I'm over here, over here!

  2. I enjoy your great macro shots and the cute captions. About the new shots, I'm still trying to figure out what the second photo is!

  3. Fantastic details in that first image!

  4. (1) Can I have another pina colada please ?

    (3) Living pods, it's the way forward.

  5. Great photos and captions...

  6. Great photos, and you highlighted one of our captions for last week's! Now I have to put my thinking cap on for these new ones!

  7. 1~Back to basic, a ball that won't flatten from my sharp teeth.

    2~Someone missing?

  8. Both bees and men build apartment.

    Who learn from who?

  9. What is that second shot of? I cannot figure it out. Great macro of that baby bird!

  10. your photos are getting better and better, level-up! I get envious....I'm back but can't comment anytime i wish, nor post anytime i desire, huhuhu!

  11. This is wonderful, and so much fun!! :-)
    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange this week!!


    #1 - Now do you understand what I am trying to tell you?????
    #3 - Maaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaa, hurry up!!!!!!

  12. Nice shots! I love the dog.

  13. Too fun!
    1) Hey, I'm dressed to go to the ball!!!
    2) Condo living at its best.
    3) Mom, are you deaf or what?

  14. 1. After I have finished drinking, I'll recycle this for lawn bowling.

    2. What is waste to humans is home to us.

    3. For this, I have 3 entries:
    a) Mommy, Mommy, where are you?
    b) Where's the momma gone, where's the mommo gone? Far,far away!
    c) Mom, what's for breakfast today?

  15. 1. dog gone it who stole my good ball
    2.no vacancy
    3. a hello must I tell you not to bring home the generic worms the name brand taste much better, and for crying out loud when are you going to clean yourself up you look like something the cat dragged in. (nag in training)

  16. These are all great!!!! Love people's captions too. Fun, fun, fun. Mickie ;)

  17. Hello One,

    Sorry for the delayed response. If you think my comment is good enough then please use it. It would be my honor :)

    I think I have a caption for #2 and #3:

    The baby chick is saying to the four larvae "Come fall into my wide open mouth. Your other brother is already in my tummy."

  18. These are fabulous macro shots. You are so good at it. All of the images are stunning with their detail and clarity. Great captures.

  19. Simply amazing! Each one!

  20. These are great shots and such fun captions!! Here's my attempt at funny...

    #1: "Duke walks up to the lane with intense focus. All he needs is one more strike for a perfect game of bowling."

    #2: "Goodnight ma. Goodnight pa. Goodnight Mary Ellen. Goodnight John-Boy."

    #3: "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!"

  21. Great photos...fun captions.



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