Caption - Water Bag

Anger and tension zap away our energy.
On the hand, laughter recharges us.
Would you rather choose to laugh today?

Stampmouse : Your laughter turns my world upside down.

Jan n Jer : My house is a wreck.

Squirrel Queen : Honey, did you hear the wind howling last night?

Andrea : My father was here.

Lifeshighway : Hey, Ralph stopped by today.

Donna - Green Apple : Boy, did I have a lot to drink last night.

Autumn Belle : After I finish drinking this potion, I'll never grow old.

Jan n Jer : Life in a bubble.

Diana : Practicing Yoga balance.

Sheila : Just can't get the hang of this exercise ball.

Duke 118 : Honey, we've got to get to the hospital now. My water bag just broke.

Above are 3 new photos for your caption imagination.
While I attempt to post photos of nature that hopefully bring some smiles to your face, I trust you would also attempt to keep the blog clean and hopefully the mind too.
Before you put the blame on me for your wild thoughts, let me share my caption for the last photo.
"You ain't  heavy, you are my brother."

Hear from you soon.

For those who contributed to the captions, thank you for making us laugh.

  Camera Critters


  1. 1. This is so embarassing, I wish my coat will swallow me up.

    2. Darling, let's tell Baby to go somewhere else to play. Tell him we wanna do some wrestling ;>P

    3. (a) Sweetheart, have you closed the door?
    (b) Tell me, how's the view on top?

  2. 1. Don't mope make you look like a mop.

    2. They got Stuck Sharing.

    3. Measurement, for a new vest.

  3. That last macro is fantastic!

  4. 3. No matter when we go, Penang or KL, we are always followed.

    Big big sigh...

  5. That last pic... wooh, what a catch...

  6. The first of your three new shots is an amazing photo - what plant is it? Your last shot, well you did it again! Great capture and macro.

    Love the captions from last week, especially Duke 118. If only I was that funny :-)

  7. I love the pic with the puppy....lovely shot!

  8. I really suck at this game, I cant think of any clever captions. So I'll just enjoy the beautiful pictures, especially the last one even if they're just flies...LOL

  9. I enjoyed your photos! Especially the one of the adorable dog.

  10. No ideas here, but great fun. The captions are great.

  11. Wonderful photographs, and what a fun thing to do!!

    Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange.

    My caption for the last one... "Spring fever!"

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  12. Nice captions!
    Hey, the first pic looks like a dill plant, but the flower looks different!
    My mind has frozen! Could not think of anything!

  13. Such a cool post filled with a great variety of images! That flower is so pretty...

  14. I'm not very good at captions, just wanted to thanks for stopping by! Your blog's fun to read and nice photos, too!

  15. I love the puppy photo!

  16. Today you've recharged my batteries! Thank you! :D

  17. Once again your photography is fantastic. Love the stripes on those flies.

  18. You haev take a shot of each so beatifully! Excellent!

  19. 3. "You're on candid camera!"

  20. Me first for the second one.
    Your caption for the third is unbeatable. :)

  21. Ha, so funny! I enjoy stopping by to soak up all the humor...thanks!

  22. Okay, trying this again. I've been over twice and blogger has refused to let me leave a comment.

    I wanted to say thank you for using one of my captions.

    For the last photo, "Aw, there's nothing like a good back rub after a hard day at the office!"

  23. Both the photograph and Squirrel Queen's caption for the first picture are PRICELESS!

    I'm a novice at this, but here are my captions for the latest three pix:

    Ahhh, feels better now that I've managed to scratch it....

    Here, let me help you eat that.

    And lastly....

    Aren't you getting a little old for piggy back rides?

    Love your blog!

    Cathy in MA

  24. Great shots and this was really funny!

  25. Hilarious : )
    Love the pictures.

  26. that last shot made me think -"hey, only frogs play leap frog!"

    all your photos are a joy
    love the puppy

  27. Oh my this just made my day!! ^_^


  28. Another great set of photos and captions.

    #1 Which way is the Sun?

    #2 Billy knew without antlers he was always going to have no mates.

    #3 Buzz off I was here first!

  29. The one with the flies....mating....the caption has just GOT to be, "Not now dear, I have a headache".

    My Critter blog this week is a photo of a laughing gull, AND I added a touching dog video -1.5 minutes long- of a dog that was blown away in a tornado only to CRAWL home 2 weeks later. It's a must see...the stamina and determination of animals.

    Have a great weekend.

    Here's my link to Camera Critters.

  30. nice shots.
    mine is here : http://jidhujose.blogspot.com/2011/05/day-221-one-tusker.html

  31. 1. I don't want to come out. I don't want anyone to see me looking like this.
    2. Hey, Mom and Dad, leave some leaves for me.
    3. You're right, I really can see better from up here!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  32. I enjoyed the captiosn and yoru photos. Great captures.



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