Monkey Business

Do you see a lighthouse behind the tram in the photo above?
It was built in 1907 and still continues to guide ship today.
This tram brought us to Melawati Hill in Kuala Selangor where monkeys roam freely.

Monkey business in Kuala Selangor is good.
I don't mean the export of monkeys but the monkey food business.
Long beans were cut into short pieces and sold at USD 0.33 per bundle.
Notice the wire around the box above and a tiger guarding the box?
These are probably warnings that monkeys without wallets are not allowed to help themselves.

After I took this photo from the tram, he gave me a thumbs up and smiled.
I thought he wanted me to post his photo so I did.
He had a fierce lion guarding his long beans.

Apart from long beans, bananas and peanuts are also available.
I wonder why he has no tigers nor lions guarding the food.

A silver leaf monkey munching a long bean.

A long-tailed macaque peeled a banana.

A young monkey accepting peanuts from a tourist's palm.

 Blogging from Bolivia

This monkey removed the peanuts shells herself and stuffed the peanuts into her already very bulging cheeks.

I was amazed to see this monkey open the bottle cap on its own.

As you can see, monkey business is popular in Kuala Selangor as many love to feed the monkeys.
I wonder who enjoys more; the one who feeds, the one who eats or the one who sells.
I think probably me, the ONE who observes.

Those who didn't have enough of the monkeys could bring stuffed monkeys home if they wish to.

Do NOT keep food in your pockets.
The monkeys may help themselves and tear your pants accidentally.

Do NOT stand directly beneath a monkey.
It may just decide to pee from above.

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  1. Do these monkeys ever get aggressive? After all, they are so used to and are not afraid of humans, right? The laws are very strict in Singapore about feeding monkeys in the wild...

  2. I too wondered about the monkeys roaming free and deciding to get a little mean. I do not trust monkeys, they are strong and fast little creatures.

  3. Look at the monkeys.

    Look at us.

    There is an invisible mirror somewhere.

  4. We do see a whole lot of monkeys moving freely in the zoo cum botanical gardens here but I have never photographed them. Seeing your photos have inspired me to do so.

    Thanks for choosing my caption. I wondered why i got so many visitors that day. Now I do. Thanks a TON!!

  5. Love the shot of the monkey taking nuts from the palm of the tourist!

  6. Ahahah!! I love the monkeys! I think we find them so funny because they are the exact caricature of what we are! :D

  7. Oh my gosh! They are SO cute. Kaishon wants a monkey so badly. I wish I could get one for him. They are super expensive!

  8. Such fun photos! And, I love your warning!

  9. Once we saw monkey eating ice cream there! Once my sister said that David Beckham adopted his hairstyle from this monkey. Wah I have not been there for a long time, now they are selling food for monkey and souvenir.

  10. Love the warnings at the end- totally made me laugh.

  11. The monkeys are cute and no matter where we find them, they are always the centre of attraction. Once my daughter threw one little sweet on the ground to a monkey nearby, the other monkeys from the nearby trees and fences, came rushing down to grab that little sweet, and was like fighting among themselves for one tiny sweet, it was really scary seeing their aggresive side. They certainly scare us away! And when I was at a zoo once, as I was looking at the monkeys in the cage, one of the monkeys suddenly made a grab of my spectacles, I managed to take it back as the monkey was unable to bring it through the cage! They are really fast and extremely tricky! These creatures are not one to be taken lightly under any circumstances, that I have learned!

    Your positions in the contest have moved up! Good for you!

  12. This little tram is so colorful, but the monkeys are something else. We had one of those “mean” experiences when one bammed a nut from his tree down on my husband’s head. Don’t guess he liked that we were walking in his territory. Their colors are nice, too, and your captures of them pretty amazing. Great photography this week and a very fun series.

  13. This is a great post! Great shots and great storytelling. Love the one of the monkey opening the bottle. :)

    Thanks for participating in fabulous Friday!

  14. What great monkey pictures. It's great to see how curious they are and how many different things they can do. Thanks for the advice about not leaving food in your pockets!

  15. Monkeys....I love them. They are so darned cute, and so fun to watch. Great post.

    Pelicans, poop, pictures, potty training and puns

    That is my link for today. Hope you have a great weekend, and if you celebrate mother's day...enjoy!!!

  16. The silver leaf monkey looks as if hes plotting something. Great post nice selection of photos.

  17. It's a nice monkey business... It would interesting to see how the interface between man and monkey evolve through time. When the number of monkeys getting bigger, when food is scarce, and when monkeys get bolder.

  18. Gorgeous captures.

    My Critter post, please come and see.

  19. wow! I wonder if these guys get aggressive? Honestly that silver leaf guy looks pretty scary to me.

  20. Great captures :) I've got a cupboard full of ty beanie monkeys at least they are better behaved than your locals though a few of the kind you have featured have made it into that cupboard aswell with sound built in.

    I've always loved watching monkey antics though only on tv programmes and at the zoo. Having them feed from me would be great though I did have to laugh at your warnings.

  21. Hi One,
    Happy Mother's Day! :)

  22. Your zoo has MUCH better food for sale than ours! Wow! I wish anywhere in the US sold so much fresh produce. I don't think our grocery stores can even compete with this.



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