Caption - Kiss Me

Once again, thank you to ALL participants for your captions and comments.

Rosie :  Oh go on, I know you just want to kiss me..........

Christine Your place or mine?

Dona Hey! Do you want to hear a bit of gossip?

Jennifer Oh come on dog, Donkey fell in love with Dragon on Shrek...you could at least give us a chance!

Julia : Mind the Gap!

b-a-g : Don't you wish we were slugs sometimes?

Donna The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Darn shell.

Radha : Shell we meet again?

garden337 We can either slug it out right here or you can shell out the money you owe me.

Joy : I told you that you should go on a diet!

Andrea : What took you so long?!

Nature Rambles : But it's going to take me ages to get to you!!


The above are two of the monkey shots I took yesterday.
I always enjoy reading all of your captions/comments and appreciate your time and effort.
I sincerely hope the Caption Creators have as much fun as the Caption Readers.

Camera Critters


  1. Love the captions and love your shots! I am no good at dreaming up clever captions but do enjoy reading the clever thoughts of others.

  2. I love MInd the Gap! I must have missed this post. I don't have any captions.

  3. OMG, I don't believe it. And with a younger man, no less.

  4. What an incredible amazing shot!You should join this in some contest, not many can get that scared look with food in its mouth as if it was apprehended for getting food from a forbidden place. I really love it. Pls put this in FB if you wont join a contest, haha! I also saw lots of monkeys at the UKM grounds, but they ran away when i try to take photos. I wonder why it really seems to pose for you. The 2nd photo is great too!

    Caption 1: Please forgive me, am hungry!
    Caption 2: I hope men stop chasing us now!

  5. Your captions add so much to your beautiful shots. Loved the “Mind the Gap” one especially after having the Royal Wedding this week. All of the shots were such fun to view. This was a wonderful post to end the day with. Thanks so much.

  6. That first shot is so cute!

    Happy Macro Monday

  7. Aristotle had come back.

    But he had problem to get down from the tree.

  8. Sweet pics....
    Is this chili padi?
    will it rain tonight..hmm.

  9. Great shots. I like the friendly picture of dog and frog:)

  10. Picture 1 : Why didn't you tell me about the wasabi? Water! I need water!!!

    Picture 2: One day son, you'll leave home and travel to distant lands. Always remember this...beware of that green stuff they call 'wasabi'!

    Great photos for us to play with, One.

  11. Lovely photos!

    Only have a caption for the first:
    "Aww geez Mom, do I have to eat my vegetables!"

  12. It is so much fun reading these posts, thank you! I am not a caption maker, so I will wait for other to do the work... You are a great photographer, your shots are so unusual.

  13. Don't need to live in condo to have a spectacular view.

  14. Love your fun with the captions. I enjoy reading them, though I'm not so good at coming up with them. That monkey shot is priceless!

  15. I'll be contended as a caption reader. My brain hurts when I try to think of clever captions... LOL

    Its good to know there are still wild monkeys in in your area.In the Philippines they're all sitting in the senate and congress now.

  16. First picture: Oh No, I touched a live wire!
    2nd picture: If you come back to me, there'll be two less lonely people in the world tonite.

  17. That is so cute! I enjoy reading all the captions...very creative.

  18. oh my goodness, such cute photos.

  19. I love the caption contests, I sorry I missed the last one. Are the monkeys a new contest or just great shots?

  20. I missed the last caption contest. Definitely had fun reading what the others came up with. I'd have gone with. "Kiss me Kate. It's me, Will."

    I can't think of any caption for the other pictures but I have to say that your last one is a great capture. Do you always have your camera with you or is that a view from your home?

  21. 2. Sent to coven-tree.

    (not sure if people outside the UK will get this though ... just in case http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Send_to_Coventry)

  22. First pic:
    "I don't believe it! You must be my long-lost twin!"

    Couldn't think of anything for the second pic!

  23. the last pic, the solitary monkey in the tree:

    One if by land, two if by sea.

  24. wow - what delightful monkey shots!

  25. Great post love all the captions, how about for the 1st monkey shot: "Ow I've just bitten my tongue" or Hot! Hot! I thought it was the red chillies that were the hot ones!

  26. I love those captions lol.

    My Critter post, please come and see.

  27. I wish my dog was that friendly with little critters like that frog!



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