Caption - Wasabi!

Actually I find this monkey photo quite frightening myself but the exaggerated expression is ideal for creative captions nevertheless.

Donna of GWGT : OMG, I don't believe it. And with a younger man, no less.

Bangchik : Is this chili padi (bird's eye chilli)?

Rosie @ i-talesWhy didn't you tell me about the wasabi? Water! I need water!!!

Christine Aww geez Mom, do I have to eat my vegetables?!

Solitude Rising : A member of the 'Sen... in the Philippines'.

Dave : Ow! I've just bitten my tongue!

Rosie @ i-talesOne day son, you'll leave home and travel to distant lands. Always remember this...beware of that green stuff they call 'wasabi'!

Solitude Rising : Another member of the 'Sen... in the Philippines'.

Autumn Belle If you come back to me, there'll be two less lonely people in the world tonite.

b-a-g : Sent to coven-tree. (ostracized)

Donna of GEV : The Dawn of Man

My friends, thank you for your creative caption contribution.
You have brought about many contagious smiles.


This week, the pups and jewel bugs above are awaiting for captions.
Comments and thoughts are also welcomed.

Mosaic Monday

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you whom have been voting for Onenezz for a current local contest.
The above collage is prepared for you as a token of appreciation for your continued support.
I have updated the current rankings on the top, right hand corner of the blog for your information.
Thank you for your one time vote or occasional votes and especially a very BIG thank you to those who have been voting daily.

Camera Critters


  1. The puppies are adorable. How comes only one got to stay?

  2. Haha! These are so funny... and I'm so exhausted right now that I can't think of additional captions. I'll just look forward to what other people submit.

  3. The puppies are just so cute. Sort of an Anne Geddes touch. I love it.

  4. Great captions on the monkey. For the Jewel bugs I think it should say - "Don't you dare try to get ahead of me!" Nancy

  5. LOVE the jewel bugs... suggested caption: "Where you lead, I will follow."

  6. You mean my captions again did not get through?! Something in our system is playing trick on me, as my comments are rejected. I will not post captions today, they get lost anyway, but i will try to vote here which ordinarily is rejected by the server, can only vote at home with my laptop.

  7. Great colors and details in the image of the bugs!

    Happy Macro Monday

  8. I can't do captions, but will say your jewel bugs shot is wonderful!

  9. I didn't know we could vote more than once so I will get on it...glad you liked my last caption...for the puppies I thought, "Hey guys, who is this dude trying to get into our family photo?"

  10. Great shots...here are my captions...
    puppies...The Odd couple
    jewel bugs....Love your outfit!

  11. Always enjoy viewing your photos, and reading the captions those creative people come up with!

  12. 1. Last puppy says : I thought blondes were supposed to have more fun!

  13. Love the monkies! totally missed that one.
    My caption for the puppies..."when will she realize we are not plants!"

  14. Vibrant colors to the jewel bugs....very cool!!

  15. LOL... I was surprised you put my comment about the monkeys in the Philippines as captions. But it's alright, after all our senators are just doing monkey business in the senate anyway.

    Owwwww... the puppies are so cute and adorable!

  16. I've not seen jewel bugs - they are beautiful in a buggy kind of way ;) Happy belated Mother's Day One!

  17. Great captions and I love the monket. The pups and the bugs are cute too. Great photos and post.

  18. How cute! i enjoyed the quotes. Too tired to think of my own now, but I'll be back to read what fresher, more creative minds come up with!

  19. Congratulations on your contest rankings! Great Job! I am proud of you.

  20. Those jewel bugs are just gorgeous, such colors.

  21. The macro on those bugs is fantastic!

  22. Dogs: The pups are potty trained

    Bug Pic: I can't believe you turned up in the same outfit as me.

  23. Love the picture of the border collie pups and the Pomeranian!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  24. Love the puppies in the pots!

  25. I love the puppies in the pots...so cuteeeee...Happy CC

  26. LOL - those captions are brilliant!

    I do adore those two emerald bugs - such a great shot!

  27. Monkeys are just the cutest!



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