Caption - I Will Follow You

Let's start the week with a few doses of humourous captions.

Julia : When will she realize we are not plants?!

Donna of GEV : Hey guys, who is this dude trying to get into our family photo?

B-a-g : I thought blondes are supposed to have more fun.

Nancy : Don't you dare try get ahead of me!

Victoria : Where you lead, I will follow.

Janis : Love your outfit!

Today, I am posting 3 additional photos.
Selected captions will be posted next Monday with a link to your blog/website.
Come on, let's create more laughter!
The world need it.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

MM3Camera Critters


  1. Those green bugs are fabulous - once again I cannot think of any captions!

  2. your laughter turns my world upside down.

    stop and smell the dew not the dooodooo

    wassssuppppp (since I have no clue what the wasp is is sitting on)

  3. Hi One, good we can comment again, lost 5 comments and am so sorry! I seem to have seen that inverted house, or something like it before. Is it in Malaysia. I would love to have it also in my yard! If i have a resort i will make cottages like that in my property for Bed and Breakfast. And maybe some other funny or naughty things nearby! However, because i am very tired from the weekend i cant think of captions now! 1. Please use the correct platform door! 2. Hmmm, my father was here! 3. I'm on the...top of the world lookin'...

  4. I was just stopping in to vote and you have a new post. Nothing witty to say, but your last image is incredible.

    Boy, did I have a lot to drink last night.

  5. thx for choosing my caption..I will have to think about these...my brain is a bit tired and it is time to head for bed...

  6. Thanks for choosing my caption for the green bugs (a marvelous macro in case I didn't mention that previously when offering my caption)...

    I am with Donna (above) who said that her brain is tired and it's time for bed... my brain is fried!

    Love the puppy sniffing the flowering bush!

  7. One - Thanks for choosing my caption. I would like to vote for you but I don't do Facebook. If there's another way please let me know.

  8. Love the image of the two colorful bugs - great details. Happy Macro Monday.

  9. The caption "Love your Outfit"....cracked me up!!

    Here's an open invitation to view my 'legendary' MERMAID'S PURSE...a sea 'oddity'. If you have time...come on over for a visit!!

    Have a super Monday.

  10. 1. Upside down or Downside up?
    2. I smell a rat!
    3. After I finish drinking this dewdrop, I'll never grow old again!

  11. Another one for no. 3:
    Hey, I've got the full moon in my hands!

  12. I am hononered you picked my caption for the June bugs. Thanx
    Love the 3 new pics. here are my captions
    1. My house is a wreck
    2. hmmmm..should I or shouldn't I
    3. Life in a bubble

  13. Hey One, thanks so much for picking mine for the dogs in the pots!! I love these photo comps you post. Once my coffee has kicked in I'll think up something to share for these latest pics too...cheers

  14. Great fun post One, then I clicked on the image of tiger, that was sad.

  15. 3. Just can't get the hang of this exercise ball.
    Fun post!

  16. I go for the middle photo.., with three words. " who pissed here?!!!"

  17. Fun captions. I can't wait to see more!

  18. Love the captions. They go so well with the photos!

  19. Loved your pictures and loved your captions. They put a huge smile on my face after a grim day of SOL testing at school. This time of year really does leave a lot to be desired. Those puppies in the flower pots are just tooooooo cute!

  20. Picture 3: Honey we got to go to the hospital now, my water bag just burst

  21. OMG!!! they are so cute.

  22. ...and this is where the magic happens

    hey, Ralph stopped by today

    Always dilegent to her beauty regimene, Bernice carries her water every where she goes. No one said, beautiful was easy.

  23. I am not great at coming up with captions...but I just love the puppy photos!

  24. The puppies are adorable. My kitten used to like to sit in the empty flower pots on my patio.

    Honey, did you hear the wind blowing last night?

    Hey squirrel, you can't hid in there forever!

    Ah, nothing like a tub bath to rejuevenate the senses.



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