As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

The meaning of the idiom above it quite obvious. 
The harvest that we reap depends on the seeds that we sow.

As I sowed cherry tomatoes seeds, I get to enjoy sweet, delicious tasting cherry tomatoes almost every morning.

As I sowed papaya seeds, the whole family enjoys good health through the nutrients that these papaya fruits provide us.

As I sowed cabbage seeds, beautiful cabbage plants emerged. 1,2,3,4.
4 cabbages coming up...

Where are all the cabbages? Gone. All I see are caterpillars.
The wise says Don't Count Your Chicken Before They Hatch. 

I tell myself, it's all right. The caterpillars will soon transform and fly away. 
I'll have the cabbages then. I just need to Hold My Horses.

As I waited patiently for the caterpillars to transform and cabbage leaves to grow, another batch of caterpillars arrived!!!
Oh! No! I'm Back To Square One!
Well, now that I have lost all my 4 cabbages, I must remind myself not to Lose My Head as well!

As I Keep My Chin Up I see beautiful moths and butterflies.

Aren't they pretty?
If you do not reap what you sow, remember, it could just be a Blessing In Disguise
After all, Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.

If the above is All Greek To You, my apologies. I'm just having some fun with idioms. 
Thank you for Lending Me Your Ear to listen to my Cock and Bull Story.


  1. One additional red in your garden~tomatoes. Is your chili still producing for you and your neighbours? Your cabbage looks very healthy, mine never without holes.

  2. Your cabbages look like lovely green roses and boy, you do have a very hairy caterpillar and another pokey one, ouch! I'll have butterflies in my stomach and it will also make my hair stand on end if I need to touch that caterpillar.

  3. Lovely cabbages and tomatoes. The caterpillar is eew.....but then it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Nature is so wonderful!

  4. Your harvest looks wonderful! Nice Cabbage! Any advice on how to grow them? Beautiful Tomatoes too. I love Butterflies, thanks for sharing!

  5. The beauty of the butterfly or the fruit of the vine. It is something I struggle with too, as the catterpillars feast on my passion vines.

  6. Nice tomato you have there... juicy red. Hmmm caterpillars, they are always ready to play their part in biodiversity.., the test now is on us. ~bangchik

  7. I'm drooling over your cherry tomatoes! Fresh tomatoes everyday! If only my plant could give me "A Drop In The Bucket" from yours, I'll be "As High As A Kite!" LOL!! Papayas looks lovely! And your cabbages, WOW!

  8. Lovely tomatoes, surely its a juicy treat every morning for salads and sandwiches.
    Sorry to note about your cabbages, next time - do collect all the caterpillars and rare them in a box and feed them your cabbage leaves - one leaf a day.
    replesh the leaf only once they have eaten all.
    Soon when the find the food supply is finishing fast - they will turn into pupa quickly and turn into little butterflies.
    You have manage to save both the butterflies and your lovely cabbages.

  9. Yes that butterfly is pretty. Good shot too!

    Your tomatoes and cabbage are really healthy looking. I love tomatoes... yum yum...

  10. Your tomatoes and cabbage look so fresh! Hope you will harvest some cabbage in future!

  11. Malay Kadazan Girl, Yes, my chilli plants are still producing abundantly. Cabbage plants looked beautiful only when they were young.

    Autumn Belle, The cabbages did look like huge green roses. Very pretty, ya? I hope the butterflies in your stomach didn't start to lay eggs.

    Aaron, Actually the caterpillar did not turn into the butterfly and moth I showed. After a while they disappeared. I never see their cocoons so cannot post their actual adulthood looks.

    Priscilla, I sowed the cabbage from seeds. Bought it from the hypermarket. Your tomatoes are nicer. :)

    Dee, Hope the caterpillars has left your passion vines. I've just started to plant passion vines.

    Bangchik, To be honest, not getting to eat some cabbages is not really a problem for me. I am waiting for cabbage seeds.

    Kitchen Flavours, The cherry tomatoes taste really good. Your wishes will always come true. So you better wish for a BIG DROP in the bucket.

    James, Your suggestion is like Killing Two Birds With One Stone. :)

    Stephanie, Thanks. I really enjoy my tomatoes. Will grow more of it.

    Malar, I've given the remainder of cabbage seeds from my packet away. I wonder, if my existing plants will ever flower and produce some seeds. They look terrible now.

  12. Your idioms make me smile! Clever! I love your photos, too. GREAT shots of the butterflies! WOW!

  13. I just love your garden. The fact that it has caterpillars prove to me that your garden is even better as it is an organic garden.

  14. Kimberly, Your comment makes me smile.

    Apharock, My garden is definitely organic. The veggie tastes good but may not look that good. :)

  15. Wow, I am amazed! You have such green fingers! My cabbage stayed stagnant for so long, i discarded them after that.



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