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I was invited to play a game by a beautiful lady who is very good at  growing healthy plants. Even the wild monkeys could not resist the temptations to the delicious tomatoes that she grew and helped themselves to the ripe ones. She is Malar from My Little Garden.

As part of the game, I have to list out 10 things I enjoy doing.

Ten Things I Love To Do


I enjoy digging although the clay soil and stones here sometimes prove too much for my spade. Everytime we dig the soil, we are exposed to Mycobacterium Vaccae which apparently relaxes us and even makes us smarter. Professor Roush from Gardening Musing wrote and interesting article about this bacteria in Garden Tranquilizer.


I love to grow plants. Sometimes I grow puppies, new born bunnies and sparrows too but these were not planned and are not in my future plans either. Occasionally, I propagate plants to giveaway. I enjoy the whole process of plant propagation and letting them be adopted by good families.

Seeds Giveaway

It is only these past few months that I started collecting seeds to giveaway. I intend to make that a habit. I do not expect anything in return but Jenn's Gardening Spot surprised me by sending California Poppies, Nasturtiums, Garlic Chives and Egyptian Walking Garlic. It is a pity that we are not allowed to grow poppies in Malaysia. I thought the flowers are beautiful. Thank you Jenn. I really appreciate them.

Staying Organic

It is my wish to maintain an organic and sustainable garden. Often I bumped into challenges with pest and diseases. Many people would advise me to spray some chemical and solve the problem instantly. I don't believe in instant cures. I have already fallen into the trap of instant coffees and instant noodles. For my plants,  I would rather work on improving the soil to attain healthier plants with better immune systems. 


Who doesn't like harvesting? Currently, I am picking mulberries , cherry tomatoes, chillies and papayas.  I am waiting for my sweet delicious mangoes to be ripe. My daughter makes sure our neighbour's rabbits get to enjoy the organic vegetable on a regular basis.

Odd-shaped Mulberry


It's a joy to keep all that organic rubbish!  It feels complete. :)


Through macro views, I get to see things I don't normally see. There are many beautiful creatures and plants that are too minute for our eyes to appreciate. Photography makes it possible to look at things at unusual angles too. Of course, photography also enable sweet moments to be captured.

An endearing moment of Goldee & her son, Clifford.


To me, blogging allows me to pen down my thoughts and organize the photos that I take. The purpose was not to share with the world ... until connecting came about.


I have got to know several new friends with similar interests recently in the Blogosphere. Our paths may not have crossed without the passion for blogging and connecting. I enjoy this friendship although we may never meet. I look forward to reading your blogs and receiving your comments.

Walking the Dogs

It is a joy to breathe fresh air early in the morning while walking the dogs. I would stop and rub my dogs' chest for a minute or two during that time and enjoy their beaming smiles.

Goldee's beaming smile.

The rule of this game is to:
1) Inform who invite you
2) List the 10 things you like to do
3) Invite another 10 bloggers

I am inviting 10 blogger friends to participate in this game. If you decide not to participate, nothing bad will happen to you ... in the next 10 days. I will still continue to enjoy reading your lovely blogs.


  1. I would like to participate, Thank-you. I can not get to it for a couple of days, Saturday maybe, due to work, I hope that is OK. I am honored that you selected me. Donna
    PS Clifford's mom is a very beautiful lady, but you and I share a love of dogs, so that will be top of my list for sure.

  2. Hi, One. It is a joy to know more about you. I like you great sense of humour and wit. I like the idea of seed exchange among gardeners too.

  3. Hi One,
    Thank you so much for inviting me to participate. It's a lovely idea. Unfortunately, this time I can't. We're about to go on holiday - to Broken Hill and we're very excited. I've never been there before but am so looking forward to it - middle of the desert! I'll look forward to seeing the results of your game.
    Thanks again for inviting me - I feel priviledged.

  4. Hi One, You are very good at growing red and orange fruits. Those mulberries looks yummy.

  5. Great post! Nice to know more about the person behind this wonderful blog! Cheers!

  6. Thanks for the invitation. I'll get it ready in a few days.

  7. Donna, Glad you are game for it. Would be able to get to know you a little better from your post.

    Autumn Belle, Thank you for appreciating my sense of humour. I like the flow you create in your story telling.

    Veggiegobbler, There is no hurry cos there is no deadline. I can assist you in listing a few things that you like to do. 1. Plant veggie. 2. Cook veggie, 3. Visit Desert... No problem if are not going ahead but wish you could. I want to be convinced about veggiegobbling.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, Thank you for mentioning that my stuff are mostly red. I realized I haven't been paying enough attention to the rest of the colours.

    Kitchen Flavours, You believe me, meh? Got to be true. I didn't say I like cooking. Yes, Tweet was swallowed.

    Aaron, Glad you are participating. You are not having major exams next month, are you?

  8. No worries One,
    I'll get onto it when we return from holidays. Thanks for your first three suggestions!!

  9. Great to know that you value all organic rubbish. ~bangchik

  10. Alright, I'm in with next Monday's post (09/27/10). Thanks for the invite!

  11. Hi One! Thanks for the invite! I am new to the blog world, so I'm not sure if I can invite 10 more bloggers, but I will try! :)

    I also might sound silly by asking this, but I will anyway...Do I post my 10 things here or on my own blog?

    A fun project, either way! Just let me know...

    :)P.S. Love your list of 10!

  12. Well I should have been packing for my holiday but I got inspired by your game. Read 10 Things I Love here www.veggiegobbler.blogspot.com
    I hope you don't mind but rather than inviting 10 specific people I've posted an open invitation to all readers to do likewise.

  13. Bangchik, Haha! I believe you also value organic garbage having at least 2 compost piles.

    ProfessorRoush, Thank you for joining in the fun. Would love to know you better.

    Amanda, Sorry for the late reply. Had a car accident and some issues related to car matters which took up my entire day. Does the stars have anything to do with it? You post the 10 things on your blog. I thought it would be good for us to know you better and also an opportunity for you, a new blogger to know others.

    Veggiegobbler, Have enjoyed going through your list. Of course I do not mind. I hope you do not mind that I had invited you too. Have a great trip to the desert!

  14. Hello!

    Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in the game :-)

    I loved learning more about your and your favorite things. I do love seed giveaways too :-)

  15. Interesting. Enjoy your sense of humour too ( nothing bad will happen - unlike other chain letters that get circulated).

  16. Your list of 10 matches almost exactly what I think my list of 10 would be -- I'd have to switch in gardening for wildlife as one of mine, though. That and seeing the delight on the kids' faces at our school habitat -- you have given me much to think about!

  17. Hello there, I did it! You can check it out here http://kalipso-busybee.blogspot.com/2010/10/game.html

  18. Hi One. Thank you for bringing me on board. I'm a little late, but better late than never!

  19. Thanks One for including me. I think it would be great to share, since I am new to this world! I have already thought of my list of ten and will be doing it in the next week. We are so busy with our gardens, the kids, etc. that I didn't get a chance this weekend...but I haven't forgot! It's coming...:)

    I'm very sorry to hear of your car accident! I hope you and all involved were uninjured and recovering okay.


  20. I'm so excited to say that my list of 10 things I like is up on my blog! Please welcome yourself to my blog and check it out! :)


    Happy Gardening!

  21. I am bummed you are unable to plant poppys! I love trading seeds. Thanks for mentioning me. I love reading your blog.

  22. Oh and thanks so much for the seeds! I cant wait to start them next spring. we are into fall right now.



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