Incredible Blooms

I must really share with you some astounding blooms.

Japanese Tree Peonies

More Peonies

Compact Clusters of Phlox

Various shades of Dianthus

Purple Rhododendron

Crocus on the Rocks

Flourishing Daffodils

Crocus, Phlox and Peonies,
Marvelous shots from niece.

I enjoy these great pictures,
Tho' I can't grow them here.

Thank you for sharing, dear,
Please send again next year.


  1. I see many crocus blooming in my neighbourhood now. I wish I have them in my garden too.

  2. What a lovely tour of your niece's garden and flowers. They've reminded me that I really need more dianthus in my beds! Just lovely...

  3. Oh my goodness! Those are SO gorgeous! I love the Phlox...and all the others! :)

  4. Those are wonderful blooms - especially the first one and the colour of the blue crocus is so intense. I must head out side and see if some more of my autumn crocus have appeared.

  5. The peonies and the crocus are my favourites! They look great. And this garden is really beautiful ;-D

  6. Where did yr niece snap the photos from. Dem flowers are so beautiful. i wish we can have them here in Malaysia.

  7. Plants are doing fine in your place. I suppose they are receiving first class attention from the gardener... haha. Beautiful!! ~bangchik

  8. Malay-Kadazan girl. I love the crocus too. If we wish hard enough, our dreams will come true.

    Kris, My niece and her family has been really doing a good job in their organic garden. It is an inspiration for me and some others I hope.

    Missy, The phlox is amazing, isn't it? Abundance of blooms till leaves are barely visible.

    Leavesnblooms, When your crocus appears, I hope you'll share the photos with us. The expectation would be a butterfly drinking nectar from the crocus flower, of course.

    Stephanie, Do you have peonies and crocus? I don't think they can survive here right?

    Apharock, My niece stays in the other end of the world; Canada. It's not just the weather that permits such a beautiful garden. They have also been doing the right things in the garden. I'm learning.

    Bangchik, Plants are doing fine in my garden but doing much better in my blog. These blooms are from my niece's garden in Canada.

  9. We notice the plants are more healthy and vigorous after we give them regular doses of compost tea. We make aerated compost tea in a 50 gallons barrel and water the plants every few days. The plants seem to respond well with the attention. By eliminating chemical fertilizer the soil structure seem to improve. The soil is now more fertile and holds moisture better than before.

  10. Wonderful world...colorful garden...I wish I have them here..in Malaysia. I love the Phlox and Daffodils so much. Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful pictures.

  11. In the 5th picture there is a small green flower pot with green plants. They are Ong-Choy or water spinach. This vegetable is very common in the tropical countries but very rare in the temperate countries.It is very popular in Canada. We bought the vegetable in early spring and planted the stems in the pot. We were able to harvest the vegetable a couple of times in Summer.

  12. They both need cold treatment. But there is probably a way that we can grow them here... maybe a suitable variety or method to make it possible. Sometimes I see hyacinth bulbs in the nursery. So, I hope one day they can bring in crocus. Also a variety of peony that's suitable for us.

  13. Phew! for a moment I thought we have peonies here. I would die and go to heaven to have a plant in my garden. :)

  14. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I always think it's peonies that must have started botanical art. Fun to see all those summer flowers, looking forward to some color!



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