Bountiful Fruits in Canada

Two days ago, I posted on some of the most Incredible Blooms in my niece's garden in Canada. 
I thought you might be interested to take a look at some of their fruit trees too.

Look at those pears!!!

...and cherries!!!

These are cherry flowers. 
Frankly, I would definitely want to plant a cherry tree if it blooms like that for me. 
Fruits doesn't matter but of course all the better.

Apart from huge tomatoes, there are also juicy watermelons almost ready to be harvested.

Do you want to know the secret of this beautiful and bountiful garden?
I was told it is through applying regular doses of self-made aerated compost tea and eliminating chemical fertilizer altogether.
Thanks to my niece and family for this wonderful information.
Try it out if you wish.

Chweet waiting for Speedy

On a side note,  GardenWalkGardenTalk has let out word that Speedy needs to be adopted. I agreed to take Speedy in but so far has not seen any signs of it. It's raining cats and dogs out there for the last few hours and we are getting rather worried. Kindly watch out for Speedy. You can find its image in gardenwalkgardentalk. Leave us a note if you spot Speedy, ok?


  1. It will nice to have a garden in cooler place. A flight there to pluck pears and eat as we like, and come back here for nangka and air kelapa. ~bangchik

  2. I love cherry blossoms. They're so beautiful! They remind me of China.

  3. You sure can't beat compost tea for good growth. Mine isn't aerated, but it makes for vigorous plants too. That pear tree is stunning! I'm drooling over those luscious fruits!

  4. Now they are some nice looking fruit trees.What wonderful and bountiful produce.Pears.... Yum. I gave you 4 picks. A rave it is.

    A emailer from just over the bridge let me know that Speedy has been seen in Canada, but he also said he thinks Speedy is coming to his garden. I guess we can not predict the actions of a snail.

    So, I guess he is pretty speedy since he started out in Central Park. Did you like my drawings? It was hard to get into the gnome world, but a friend sent me clandestine photos. I was told not to use the photos because gnomes do not allow their picture to be taken. A long telephoto lens was used for these rare images.I was instructed to draw them for my post to keep my friend's anonymity.Thanks for the mention on your blog. I am still getting quite a number of hits. Strange how some posts do so well.

  5. We are in Zone 3. The growing season in Zone 3 is short. Therfore it is a struggle to grow watermelon over here. We have a bountiful harvest in tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and beans.

  6. A belated welcome to the Blotanical blogosphere! Glad to have come upon your plot/blog at last.
    The fruit looks luscious, and I'm envious. We sometimes are able to harvest figs and delectable apricots from the trees at our community garden.
    I'll be following you now in my google reader and more often, on Blotanical.
    Cheers! Alice
    aka Bay Area Tendrils / Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  7. Gorgeous cheery blossoms! The fruits are so abundant!

  8. I like cherry blossoms so much. The pears are too juicy...water my mouth.

  9. Bangchik, What a beautiful imagination. Maybe teleport may make this dream come true.

    Missy, I think Cherry Blossoms is very beautiful too. All flowers and no leaves.

    Kris, Thank you for sharing. I must really use compost tea too.

    Gardenwalkgardentalk, Thank you for the fave and the rave. Very much appreciated. I am glad Speedy is heading towards Canada. It will be less strenuous for him.

    JChan, Would really appreciate that you send me photos of your bountiful harvest of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and beans in the future. They keep me motivated.

    Alice Joyce, Thank you for popping by. I'm as envious as you are. I only grow tropical fruit trees like mango, longan and papaya. Those trees belong to my niece and her family.

    Aaron and Orchid de dangau, Those cherry blossoms are the best. We have trees with lots of white flowers in Malaysia but it is also full of green leaves. The effect is just not the same.

  10. Wow, that pear tree is something else! What does your niece do with all those pears?!

  11. The pear tree is gorgeous. I have only bought the fruit at the supermarket! And the cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Your niece's garden is amazing



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