Happy Birthday!

What do you see in the picture below?

Do you see a No.9? In a short while, it will be 9 Sept.

The first time I took a close-up shot of a new Bird's Nest Fern  leaf uncurling was exactly one year ago.
How can I remember such a trivial matter?
(One guy told me that women remember everything whereas men remember only the important stuff.)
Anyway, I remember the date because 9.09.09 was printed on the picture below.

I realized the uncurling frond resemble the number 9 when I attempted to crop the photo. At that time I thought the date were in the way until I saw all the 9s.

Something else happened that day; 09.09.09.

An adorable white puppy with 9 black patches was born on 9.09.09. Do you want to guess his name?

Goldee adores her baby, allowing the little one to chew on her ear.

Clifford was delighted to have a baby brother.

Pichu, our Pomeranian was glad that he was no longer the smallest in size.

The two brothers always had a lot to share.

Running in a mushroom farm was one of his favourite pastimes.

Occasionally, he would smell the flowers.
Isn't he adorable?
Of course, he could just be smelling the scent left by other dogs on those flowers.

Today, he is exactly ONE year old. I am sure he is a Happy Boy.
He was adopted by a loving family last Christmas.

This post is dedicated to Mdm Chia and family.
Thank you for your love and care for this cutie pie.
Happy Birthday K9!!!


  1. What great pictures and sweet story. K9 what a great name.


  2. Cool! 9 Sept is special to me also. Can't say right here he he...

    Love your dogs. They look so adorable and happy :-D

  3. Ah someone's a Doctor Who fan! K9 looked such a cute little puppy. Lovely story and I see you are a keen dog lover yourself too.

    BTW I think that photo of the fern uncurling is a great capture.

  4. what a sweet pup! Love that picture of "9" too!

  5. That's so special. Nine is an auspicious number and nature gave you a nine.
    I luv the puppy shots as well, so cute.

  6. So cute!!!!! Those puppies are adorable. My younger brother is born on 9.9.1999! Lots of 9s, it must mean something.

  7. FlowerLady, Thank you. K9 = Canine.

    Stephanie. Happy 9th Sept, whatever it means to you. :)

    Leavesnbloom, Our 3 dogs are part of the family. Glad that you like the capture of the uncurling fern.

    Dee, This sweet pup has grown up and he is coming for his first visit tomorrow.

    Apharock, Yes 9 is an auspicious number. Apparently, the Emperor's robe often had 9 dragons!

    Aaron, Wow! Your brother has even more 9s! It must mean something... :)

  8. Such a cute puppy! It must be hard to let them go.

  9. Your dogs look soooo adorable!!!!!

  10. I'm just curious in the leaf of 9. But i think there something special about that, i guess.

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