Lotus's Opening Hours

Three months ago, I posted photos of my very first lotus flower. At that time, I was totally caught unaware of the blooming hours. By the time I decided to take out the camera out in the afternoon, the petals were already closed. I was disappointed. I had to wait till the next day for it to bloom again. See what happens with a little procrastination.

Now that it is blooming for the second time, I am jotting down the opening hours of a Lotus Bloom for your information.

First Day

It starts to bloom at dawn.
The petals open to the maximum by around 8:30am.
It remains like this only for a few hours.

The flower petals closes almost entirely by 2pm on the same day.

Second Day

On the second day, it remains closed in the morning.
This photo was taken at noon.
It remained the same at 4pm, looking rather shy.
It closed at night.

Third Day

On the third day, the petals open up much earlier compared to the second day.
This photo was taken at 9am.
Notice the lack of freshness?
In Buddhism, flowers are used as a reminder that all things are impermanent.
They arise, mature and pass on...

The petals did not close up on the third day.
Instead, they begin to fall silently from 5pm onwards.

Fourth Day

Where have all the petals gone?
They have made way for the seed pod to develop. 

In summary, the opening hours of a Lotus Bloom are as follows:
        • First Day : Morning
        • Second Day : Late Afternoon
        • Third Day : Morning
Timing may differ depending on which part of the world you are at.


    1. Lovely lotus. Mine seems to bloom in the morning all the time.

    2. It certainly is a beautiful flower when its just freshly opened - the seed head is very attractive aswell. Isn't that pink colour just like sugar candy.

    3. Beautiful picture. My mother also grow them in big pots. Just wish they could bloom a bit longer:)

    4. I notice the seed pod changed from yellow to green over the three days. That's fast! Thanks for the pictures of this beautiful bloom :-D

    5. Aaron, You seem to have all the beautiful flowers.

      Rosie, Lotus is beautiful. Unfortunately I only get one flower at a time.

      Malay-Kadazan girl, I wait 3 months just to see it bloom for 3 days. :)

      Stephanie, That's very observant of you. I didn't notice the colour transformation.

    6. Wow, the lotus are truly beautiful. The Seck Kia Eenh Buddhist Temple in Malacca grows beautiful lotus plants. When my sister asked the monk any special care needed for the plants, they replied,
      "Just shower them with love"... No wonder my lotus plant died on me! Not enough love going around!..

    7. Kitchen Flavours, What the monk means is that if you truly love to grow lotus plants, you'll be able to discover ways of keeping it healthily. If you love something bad enough, you'll keep finding ways that work, right? (Look at your wonderful cakes!) Feel free to ask for help. I will have seeds soon.

    8. That's absolutely beautiful and I love this shade of pink, it's so romantic!

    9. I have brown thumb with aquatic plants! The lotus is really so lovely! I wish to have it in my house!



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