Monthly Garden Bouquet

I visit Noelle from Ramblings from a Desert Garden... regularly as I always enjoy reading what she has to share. I don't do flower arrangements nor bouquets. However, regulars visits to her website has inspired me to take some initiative and get out of my comfort zone.

Since I feel shy about my own arrangement, I have decided to add some blurry effects as you can see above.

Oh...what the heck! Laugh if you want to.
I used chillies to cover up the sponge. I have loads of chillies.
Hmm...it looks to me that some green should be added between the flower and the chillies...

Does the red Zinnia flowers look better back here where it belong?
How would you rate the bouquet from minus 1 to minus 10?
You can keep the rating to yourself. :)
Will try to do a better job next time.


  1. Definitely a 10, minus the minus. Got it??? A perfect 10 because, it takes much creativity to arrange a bouquet of flowers with chillies as a camouflage for sponge??? I don't think anyone can think of this! You have originality! He! He! The flowers are beautiful, nice arrangement, definitely a perfect 10!

  2. So tropical! Never seen one at the florist before. Excellent idea to use plants in our garden to fix up a bouquet as pretty as this one. You have a 10 from as well :-D Taking your dog for another walk?

  3. Kitchen Flavours and Stephanie, Thank you for your extreme generosity in rating. You two are very sweet, always full of words of encouragement. But then, a 10 would mean there is no room for improvement. Haha!

    Steph, The dogs have to wait till tomorrow morning.

  4. 10 too from me. Love your wonderful arrangement. BTW sorry I can't play the gardening game. My school ends at 4.00 pm now and I have tons of revisions to do since PMR is next week.

  5. Your arrangement did not need the blurry effect. It was just ravishing in red. Your story with it was cute. I liked the chilies in the arrangement, so clever.

  6. Aaron, No worries. I did realize that you'll be sitting for major exams which I mentioned under the Gardening Game comments. You can do this whenever you are free, if you want to.

    Donna, Glad you like my crazy idea. I just make do with the limited materials in my garden.

  7. I would give this a 10 as well. It takes a lot more creative energy to come up with a bouquet like this and it's especially pleasurable as the chilis are a surprise!

  8. My mom does flower arrangements. Maybe you could help her out with your garden creativity :-)

  9. I think you flower arrangement is beautiful. I love your red Zinnia and it's unique with the Chilies! :)

  10. That's a very creative garden bouquet. I love it!

  11. I love making bouquets. They just go together for me! That looks cute to me!

  12. Marguerite, Priscilla, Autumn Belle and Missy, Really glad you gals think the chillies go well with the Red Zinnias. Now that I am looking at it again, probably green chillies will look better.

    Apharock, I have a feeling your Mom may shake her head in disapproval...

  13. I will give perfect 10! It's so creative idea infact!
    By the way i have received the seeds! Thank you very much! Now i have a question.... Lotus grow on water or soil? can you give me some instruction to sow?? ;-)

  14. When Imogen says something silly, something that is obviously not true, I call her a noodle-head. If you think this is laughable then you are a noodle-head. And when Imogen wakes up tomorrow I'm going to tell her.

    Lovely arrangement and lovely photo.

  15. Malar and Paul, Thanks for the praises.

    Your friend,
    One Noodle Head



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