Caterpillars Everywhere

There are lots of caterpillars devouring cabbage leaves on all the four pots of cabbage plants that I have. This same type of caterpillar appears everwhere; on vegetables, ornamental plants, herbs and even fruit trees. It is called the Rusty Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

Below is one of the many furry, colourful caterpillars beneath a cabbage leaf.

Caterpillar poop on ginger leaves.

Caterpillar on an ornamental plant.

Caterpillar on a herb stem staring at a red-eye insect.

Black ants feasting on a flightless female & its cocoon beneath a sugar apple leaf.

The caterpillars may have attracted many birds and ants apart from dragonflies, spiders and paper wasps these days.

To me - Caterpillars in abundance.
To the caterpillar - Organic greens in abundance.
To the predators - Organic nutrients in abundance.


  1. i see them in my garden too... all over the grass area...!

  2. oh ya... that is a very 'interesting' close up of the poop... :)

  3. Ah, caterpillars. They have been a great focus of mine since the day I started gardening. Excellent photos, with such a great tale to tell.



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