Tips in Selecting a Tiller

Note the fluffy soil that has just been tilled?
The purpose of tilling is to break up soil, aerate it or to eliminate weeds.

When selecting a tiller, choose one that is strong enough to break some hard clay soil and yet doesn't hurt your forearm.

It is important to select one that is heavy duty enough to dig various parts of the garden continuously without wearing out easily.

One that overtills uncontrollably, exposing roots, isn't very advisable.

But if the tiller can double up as a wood chipper for the compost pile, it's worth considering. 

If after a hard day's work and with dirt in the mouth, the tiller still smiles, then it may just be the perfect deal.

Clifford - the priceless multi-function gardening tool.


  1. This post gave me quite a chuckle -- Clifford is so much like my digging dogs.

  2. Hi Meredith, Thank you for faving my blog. Clifford causes more harm than good to the garden. We all still love him very much.



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