Bad Bugs, Bad Bugs

There are all sort of bugs in the garden. For now, let's just focus on some of the bad bugs that destroy the plants.

Bug on a Mango Leaf.

Another Bug

Yikes! Bugs and Ants on a Pumpkin Flower!

This red spotted bug feeds on leaves although it looks like a lady bird.

Despite a grasshopper's bad reputation, this one has not done any major harm. He has been around for many weeks.

These 2 are the major destroyers. They trample all over the plants, breaking the vines.

This fella occasionally digs out roots and chew them up too.

Beware of this harmful pest! It comes with a deceivingly, innocent smile.


  1. the last few... in four legs... those are cute 'bugs' to have... :)

    oh... that spotted one that looked like lady-bird isn't a ladybird? no wonder... my cucumber leaves were eaten up by them and i thought they were ladybirds.

  2. This spotted 'ladybird' is vegetarian.

    Being vegetarian is not necessarily good. :)



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