How To Keep Papayas Within Reach

This is our favourite papaya tree.
It provided a steady supply of papaya fruits.

The papayas were always refreshingly sweet but gradually grew out of reach.

After harvesting most of the papayas, I shorten the tree so that future fruits would be within reach.
The trunk need to be covered with a waterproof material.
I used a shower cap.
Otherwise it will be filled up with rain water which will lead to mosquito larva and trunk rot.

New leaves grew back quickly.

This faithful papaya tree has begun to flower again.

When it continues to bear fruit, there is no need to use long picking poles to harvest the fruits.

In case anyone wants to shorten your papaya tree, just remember to cover up the trunk immediately. 


  1. Welcome to Blotanical! You have a nice blog and do keep up the good work. Very productive papaya tree here.

  2. Autumn Belle, Thanks! I guess having a compost near the papaya tree may have contributed to its productiveness.



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