A Visit To D-Paradise (Part 3)

I went to D-Paradise with the hope to learn something from their success in fruit farming. It turned out that my heart was captured by the animals instead.

An adorable baby bunny in the rabbit enclosure.

The deers posed for me but how come they don't smile like my dogs do?

Posing back to back but still no smiles.

"Deers, put your face together, closer, closer, ...click! Good boys!"

2 male ostriches above with the exact same pose.

Oh, see! They are smiling!!!
The female ostrich in the centre was about to hug me. 
Or was she trying to peck off my camera?

An ostrich has only 2 toes.

This is an extremely friendly goat.
While others shied away, this one followed us around.


  1. hi,
    Just dropby from Blotanical.
    Enjoyed your post very much. Im sure there is a lot of fun with taking pictures with these animals.

  2. Hi James,

    Yes, it's definitely fun taking pictures of animals. The deers were a little wary of my intention and I was wary of the ostrich's intention. The ostrich pecked at almost everything in sight, bags, fingers...

  3. I really enjoyed your animal pictures. Aha, just look at those sexy ostrich legs! Very clever of you to snap these.

  4. Nice pictures of animals! The deers looks very friendly! Where is D-Paradise?

  5. Hi Autumn Belle, Thanks for the compliment. I thought not everyone knows that the ostrich has only 2 toes and it is good to share that info with a photo.

    Malar, D-Paradise is in Malacca, just 2 hours drive away. You can check out their website if interested.

  6. Comical look of the two deers coming close to the camera. Are fighting for vintage photo spot or for that fresh looking leaves?

  7. Hi Bangchik, I know I can't fool anyone. Just entertaining myself, imagining that the deers were very co-operative.

  8. Ostriches!
    I once went to a birdpark in Langkawi and was very much afraid of them as they chased me in an attack mode. And they are so tall and huge and look very intimidating.
    Their cousin, the Kassuwari found in Indonesia is very dangerous as the can harm people with their legs.

  9. Hahaha! I was chased by a peacock in Pulau Pangkor Resort because I fed it and eventually ran out of food. I used an umbrella to protect myself.



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