Generous Longan Tree

I am really happy with my longan tree. It's been fruiting generously. The fruits are really sweet and juicy. If you are in the neighbourhood, do feel free to savour it.

It takes 5 months from blooming to harvest. It's worth the wait. 

Unlike the dragon fruit flowers, there is no need for hand pollination here.
And unlike the dragon fruit plant, there is a whole lot more fruits produced by a longan tree.
The only similarity between a longan and a dragon fruit is in its name.
They are both in the dragon family.
'Longan' actually means 'dragon's eye' in Chinese.


  1. HI: LIZA AND JOHN’S GARDEN enjoyed our visit to your blog.
    It's always a pleasure to meet another Gardener.
    Have a Great Day,

  2. Hi Liza & John, Thanks for dropping by. It's a pleasure meeting you too. See you again!

  3. Hi... just need to know which fertilizer to put to get such fruits!!

    i am CY from Penang...

  4. Hi CY, I used various types of 'Tahi Ayam' Fertilizer for almost 2 years and it didn't bear fruit. Then I added a fertilizer called Humus purchased from a nursery. It says it contains fish and bone meal. That seems to have made a lot of difference.



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