Garden Statues

Quite sometime back, we bought a glassmade dragonfly and a butterfly that lighted up at night in the garden automatically.
They used solar energy and looked very pretty at night.
Both didn't last long as they fell to the ground and broke.
We looked for bigger and sturdier statues to liven up the garden.
Then we bumped into a very versatile one.

It doesn't use batteries nor solar.
Yet, it's capable of changing poses.

The setback is that it needs to be recharged by soaking itself in the soil frequently.
Could it be related to the earthworm family?

Thankfully there is always an endless stream of back-up live statues to continuously liven up the garden.


  1. I love the red Dragon Fly! First time to your blog! Very nice. Enjoying reading your past posts! Thanks for dropping by my blog! No secret to my garden success just lots of love and moo poo tea and fish emulsion.

  2. Hi Jenn, Thank you for dropping by. Fortunately I have a beautiful red dragonfly to cover up for a lack of red juicy tomatoes photos. :)

    Ok, mpt+fe with love.

  3. wow I've never been here before so I've missed so much but your photographs of nature are so beautiful. Thankyou for the follow :) Rosie

  4. Hi Rosie, Thank you for being a 'companion planter'. Glad you like the photos here. See you around.



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