Caption - Sunglasses Collection

Happy Monday morning!
Thank you once again for your hilarious caption contributions.

Kay L Davies:  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your last call for Flight 123 to Los Angeles. Oh I see... Captain. Hold the plane, the last passenger has just arrived.

Anna : She moved in with me and has taken over the house.

Lisa : Living on the edge.

Bananaz : Is this the corporate ladder my CEO was talking about?

Anna :  Mac & Myer for Hire - Who measured for this ladder? It's your turn to make the next Home Depot run.

Joyce : We better get to it fast before the monkey does.

Miss Kodee : It's your turn to get the cat.

Kay L Davies : Okay, you pollinate that branch and I'll pollinate this branch, then we take a lunch break.

Stampmouse : Never send a fly to do a bee's job.

Anna : Dior's Summer Sunglasses Collection.

Have fun reading, creating new captions and commenting!
Hope you like the 3 new photos above.


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  1. Love that photo of the chicken - can't wait to see the captions for that one!

  2. I have one caption to go with the first two photos together:
    "Nope, I don't see it under here. Did you find it in the dog?"
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. The chicken is too good, and your captions are hilarious!

  4. Lol about getting to it before the monkey does. :D

  5. Great captions. Your new pictures are great. I love the dog!

  6. The three images are hilarious. Cations should be quite good on these. I have to think a bit to come up with some.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE the idea you have on your blog of soliciting captions to the pictures.. HILARIOUS!!!

  8. To submit captions, do I email you or put it in this comments section? Thinking....

  9. These photos should give you the top for the LOL category, i can't stop laughing too. I remember you asked me once what i did to make the chickens and the cats to look at the same direction. Now i am glad you did not put this to Kiasu, or else I'm all hands down!

    1. OMG what's happening with me, hairs all over!
    2. Awwwwk, please be gentle with me!
    3. All I want are my two front teeth, my 2 front teeth...my...!

  10. 1. 3, 2, 1 and release...now 2 more stretches...
    2. Thank you for helping me with that piece of popcorn-I was trying to get it with my tongue all day!
    3. Now I need to find the matching bikini bottoms to this top.

  11. Beautiful composition and selective focus in the first image!

  12. Great photos, love the chicken.

  13. 1~ Chickallerina.

    I am not very creative these days;-).
    But I enjoyed reading other people captions.

  14. That chicken does a very difficult yoga.


    Try by yourself.

  15. loving those pictures!
    beautiful and interesting captures and composition! i also find the first one simly superb!

    have a great week,

  16. LOVED going through the captions! They're hilarious!! Also love your pictures!!

    Hope you come and check out my post. It includes a video with my nephew singing!:)

  17. Oh my goodness....wish I was as flexible as that chicken!!

    Macro Crystals is my link for Monday. I do hope to see you visit if you have time.

    Happy day to you.

  18. 1) Barnyard yoga 101 - Downward chicken
    2) "To the left, a little more.. more, back a touch, back, back. Perfect!!! Thanks, that itch was killing me!"

    Drawing a blank on #3 - maybe later. Love these! So fun:)

  19. Wow...that chicken is really bendy! Cute dog!!

  20. These are great photographs, and I thank you so much for sharing them this week at The Creative Exchange.

    #1 "Upside down, inside out, and round and round!"
    #2 "I do hate these dental checkups!"

    Have a fantastic day!


  21. #1 Let's get ready to roll.
    #2 When I get bigger, your losing that finger.
    #3 My bloomers are showing.

  22. i love that chicken photo:

    1. - hey in there I came first so there (sticks out tongue)
    2. - yummy rings are good for breakfast want it back?? you are sooo going to have to wait this one out.
    3. - alice reveals she really does wear bloomers under that flower skirt

  23. So funny! Love your pictures.

    #1: Right beak yellow...
    #2: Num num, people fingers.
    #3: OMG I can't believe we wore the same hat!

  24. great macros...the chicken is a riot!

  25. 1) Come on you pesky egg, drop already!
    2) Give me back my thumb, its my turn to suck on it.

  26. Beautiful and fun captures!

  27. Great captions and a fun post. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  28. All the captions are hilarious! I'm not so creative!
    1) Come on guy, let's do yoga!
    2) take out your fingers of my mouth!

  29. not sure what to think of that last post. Bramah Bull?

  30. (1) Navel-gazing isn't so easy for chickens.

  31. 1. I'm doing "The Chicken Dance", come join me, it's so clucking fun!
    2. Mmm! Finger flossing! Feels good!
    3. Take me! I'm your perfect mask for a masquerade party!

  32. funny stuff! Love that Chicken photo - that will rpoduce some great captions!

  33. These are such fun to read. :)

  34. Great captures, love the butterfly and that chicken is a hoot! Thought of you with my last WW post, its fun finding things in nature that make you think differently...love it!!

  35. Thanks for a good laugh at the end of a long day! I always enjoy the great photos you come up with and the funny captions.

  36. #1. Rare case of Dr Ostrich Jekyll and Mr Chicken Hyde!

  37. I love the captions! They put a smile on my face!
    Have a great week.

  38. Nice pictures. A wonderful series with excellent macros.

  39. Once again, three hilarious pix. Okay, so here are my captions!

    1. Chicken
    "If a dog can do it, why can't I?"

    2. Dog
    "It was just a marble. You want it that bad, keep that up and it'll be right back at ya!"

    3. Flower
    "I told you I got a new purple crown for my tooth!"



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