Caption - Halloween Present

Kay L. Davies : Look, I brought you a Halloween present.

Gardenwalkgardentalk : Bowling anyone?

b-a-g : Can I have another pina colada please?

Anna : Hey, I'm dressed to go to the ball!!!

Kay L. Davies  : How did we all get trapped in here?

b-a-g : Living pods, it's the way forward.

Stampmouse : No Vacancy.

Katie : Goodnight ma. Goodnight pa. Goodnight Mary Ellen. Goodnight John-Boy.

Kay L. Davies : Mom, Mom, I'm over here, over here!

Anna : Mom, are you deaf or what?

Solitude Rising : The baby chick says to the four larvae above, "Come fall into my wide open mouth. Your other brother is already in my tummy."


Thank you for your caption contributions.
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  1. Man, I am glad I am not you.
    How do you turn on the water?
    No crew cut, please, I just said a LITTLE off the top.

  2. Waiting for some chemistry to happen.
    Where's the switch for this lamp?
    Remember, I want the Scotty McCreery look!

  3. hahaha, i will not put my caption today. I also havent seen that last one, but i love Solitude Rising's contribution. If only you have posted that chick for the Kiasu, i will have another one to beat that!

  4. Too funny! I don't have any captions, but I like what people are suggesting for the bug. :)

  5. Love these shots!!
    Especially the baby birds....

  6. What fun, seeing my captions on here! I'm not feeling much inspiration today but I'll try anyway.
    1. Where have you been all my life?
    2. She said she'd meet me under the lamp post.
    3. One slip of those scissors and I'm finding me another hairdresser!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. What wonderful photographs!
    Thank you so much for sharing them today at The Creative Exchange.

    #2 - "Just keeping the sun off my beautiful face!"
    #3 - "It ain't easy being this beautiful!"

    Have a great day!


  8. (1) What's a nice dog like you doing in a place like this ?
    (3) Ouch! - that was my ear.

  9. i just love captioning and then reading what everyone puts
    1. beagle to cocker - you had me woof
    2. open open open open
    3. seriously learn from me rolling in the grass after a party of kids has spit their gum out NOT a good idea.

  10. Ahahah! All the captions are really funny! :D

  11. Too funny! Love these. :)

  12. #3 "A little more on the left."

  13. 1st photo: Hey ! Why do you look so hairy! Go for a hair cut!

    3rd photo: Hey take your hand off my beautiful hair!

  14. Love the shot of the chick with its mouth open!

    Happy Macro Monday

  15. Katie has a reference to the TV show The Waltons, which I loved. I wonder how many people "got" that. I feel old.

  16. Cool shots, love the last one.

  17. The third pic is so cute. It looks like your dog is not enjoying a haircut.

  18. 1) "Is your name Cousin It?"
    2) Bus stop under the lamp post.
    3) Beauty School, the practice run. "Oooppss, guess I better even up the other side! You didn't really need your ears, did you?"

    Very fun:)

  19. You see more unique critters in your garden than what I do in my garden.

  20. These captions are so funny they are a good read to start the day with.....

  21. your photos are all adorable!

  22. What great captions and photos!

  23. My favorite is the last shot!

    Camera Critters at my page. Have a great weekend!

  24. I certainly can't top all the super captions here already...

    Darling photos. Each and every ONE!!

    Do stop by if you have time to view my:


    Hope your weekend is treating you well!!

  25. thanks for sharing at Fishtail Cottage garden party, your captions are so cute! xoox, tracie

  26. Great photos and caption for the first set!

    Beagle and Spaniel "Girl you look high maintenance"

    ~ Debbie



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