Caption - Oops!

I spotted these 2 dogs before their performances in a dog show and they seemed to be in love.
They did kiss other in the next scene which I am not sharing here.

Kay L Davies : Where have you been all my life?

b-a-g : What's a nice dog like you doing in a place like this?

Stampmouse : You had me woof.

GardenWalkGardenTalk : How do you turn on the water?

Autumn Belle : Where's the switch for this lamp?

Kay L Davies : One slip of those scissors and I am finding me another hairdresser!

b-a-g : Ouch! That was my ear!

Anna : Oooppss! Guess I better even up the other side! You didn't really need your ears, did you?


Thank you to all who contributed to the captions.
I appreciate every single one of them including your comments.

3 more photos awaiting your captions.
Would you prefer that the caption game be posted during the end of the week instead of the beginning or would your brains be even more tired then?
I have been finding your captions hilarious so far.

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  1. 1. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your last call for Flight 123 to Los Angeles. Oh, I see... Captain, hold the plane, the last passenger has just arrived."
    2. "Wouldn't it be easier to cut the phone line instead of chopping down the tree?"
    3. "Okay, you pollinate that branch, and I'll pollinate this branch, but then we'll take a lunch break."
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. i just love your blog always something pretty to see but I really adore you caption this.

    1. - aunti em where am I this is the anthill anymore
    2. how the 3 man acrobat team gets coconuts from a tree
    3. - never send a fly to do a bees job

  3. What a fun post... love your photos and your captions...

  4. Love the image of your pooch getting a haircut!

    Happy Macro Monday

  5. #1. Get off my flower I prayed hard for it.
    #2. Is this the corporate ladder my CEO was talking about?
    #3. Hey! You are at the wrong place, its for the birds and the bees only.

    There is no beginning there is no end any day is the best day haha.

  6. Oh the first pix of the two dogs is so cute ~ love at first woof?

  7. all are nice shots but the fisrt one is interesting and unusual..congrats

  8. "It's dog-eat-dog out here"
    On the butterfly and flower that have seen better days.

  9. Love your shots. Too early in the week for me, just got back from a long weekend away.

  10. Too cute and I sure know the whole dog show thing. LOL
    Goldenray Yorkies

  11. #1. "She moved in with me and has taken over the house!"
    #2. Mac and Myer for Hire - "Who measured for this ladder? It's your turn to make the next Home Depot run!"
    #3. Dior's summer sunglasses collection

  12. Oh, I forgot - I like Mondays. I come here right after posting at The Creative Exchange. It's a great way to start the week, with a smile :)

  13. 1. Get off the flower, I been praying on it for many hours already

    2. How many engineers does it take to screw the light bulb (coconut)? :-)

    3. It sounds like me, it looks like me but wait it is definitely not me

  14. Great shot of the butterfly and that unusual insect on the flower.

  15. 1~Hey you are too BIG for this one.

    2~Use your palm in palm climbing course.

    3~Red flash~Phewwitt falling in love.

  16. I like the butterfly on the yellow flower. Wonderful !

  17. Thank you for linking up at The Creative Exchange today!

    #1 "Living on the edge."

    Have a great day.


  18. 1. "Sorry, I was here first"!
    2. "We better get to it quick, before the monkey does"
    3. Could not think of anything, at the moment!

    Thank you for the Award! Hehehe! Being kiasu sure has its rewards! Anymore awards up for grabs? Hehehehehe! :)

  19. It must be love at first sight!

    My RUBY link.

  20. Love your game, and the pictures you come up with. That second one with the palm tree and the ladder is hilarious. Sorry I can never come up with a caption :(

  21. Cute picture story! Thanks for following me on Leckeres für Mensch und Katze! LG Tina

  22. Hehe! Love the photos and captions!

  23. I love the second pic. Is that part of your garden? That is one beautiful garden! So many palms, heliconias, calatheas, plumerias and other tropical plants. My dream garden...

  24. Ooppsss... I meant second to the last pic.

  25. Flies nowadays are "high class", they go to flowers instead of faeces.

  26. Amazing shots! Thank you for visiting my cottage country !

  27. Hahaha i was lauging so much to see that pic where your trimming his hair!

    Thanks for sharing

  28. yes it is always amusing to read all the captions, i always do! But i wont participate now as i left my brain somewhere! I've been so tired of chasing butterflies and critters last weekend but still can't get as near as that fly on a shower!

  29. Opps I see I was a tad late on the other ones! OK here goes on these:
    1. Dude you may be bigger, but squatters rights. I was here first.
    2. It's your turn to get the cat.
    3. That's right eat lots of white buds and you too will sport a red head soon.

  30. Sweet! Happy Ruby Tuesday! mine is here: http://clavsupclose.blogspot.com/2011/06/ruby-tuesday.html
    I hope you could visit...

  31. The two dogs are beautiful! Both are well groomed. no wonder they like each other. Onenezz, all your pics are wonderful as always. Thanks for always posting interesting shots also.

  32. (1) Onward into battle!

  33. PS: I didn't feel the tremor. But what you felt is reported here...
    Take care!

  34. The butterfly on the yellow flower is so pretty!

  35. Great shots...beautiful dogs!!



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