Interesting Bugs

This is one of the many Swallowtail Caterpillars gobbling up lemon tree leaves. It stuck out its red forked tongue at me when I touched it with a stick. The beautiful bright red tongue that looked like fangs makes it resembles a snake. This is how it defends itsef from predators. Unfortunately I was unable to capture the scary 'fangs'. You will get to see what this little monster becomes in another post.

A Stag Beetle is night dweller that is attracted to light. It is called a Stag Beetle because of the antlers found on their heads. This particular one made a loud hissing noise that sounded like a truck's air brake from a distance when Clifford approached it.

A Green Bottle Fly assisted in pollination for the Apple Tree. So many flies, so few apples. Guess they are not very effective. Well, blame it on the flies.

A Lady Bug visited the Ficus Tree. Ladybugs are considered beneficial insects as they feed on aphids and other soft bodied insects that feed on plants. One ladybug can eat as many as 50 aphids a day.

A Lady Bug dropped its black spots :)

A neighbour's Honey Bee working hard for the honey. Yes, we have a neighbour who rears bees!!! I was told the bees cost more than RM1K!

The Bee Washes Its Hand Before A Meal. :)


  1. bees?!? i din know that!!! which neighbour?!? i hope they're not dangerous!

    as for the caterpillar... i think most of them should be at your place coz my lime tree's almost dried up (forgot to water for a few days)... heh heh...

  2. The bees have stung some neighbours.

    Thank you for your caterpillars.

  3. i will want them back, ya? ;)

    my lime tree dried up again... 2 days forgot to water... i thought it rained the past 2 days... grrrr....

  4. Your camera is seriously cool....excellent VERY CLOSE shots.

  5. You have most interesting beetles and bugs and really nice pictures of them. I have been using my 75-300mm lense to photograph the quickly moving butterflies. So how do you get such great photographs? By the way, thank you for your generous compliments. ann



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