Good Fortune

A neighbour walking his dog, stopped by a few minutes ago, to tell us that it is a very good omen to have a dog giving birth to only one puppy. According to the old folks, it is believed that the owners will enjoy good fortune. Many Chinese are rather superstitious people.

Below are some of the Omens of Good Fortune extracted from WOFS.com:

Meeting Up With A Cow

It is said to be a most auspicious sign as the cow is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Of course this is not something likely to happen in big cities except perhaps in India where the cow is so highly revered it is allowed to roam freely on roads and highways and motorists are required by law not to run them down. But if you do take a drive to the countryside one day and are confronted by a cow, rejoice, because it suggests great good fortune coming your way!
When A Dog Comes To Stay

When someone brings you a dog as a gift or if a stray puppy decides to adopt you, welcome him or her into your home. A dog entering your home is a very favourable sign, as it means you will have faithful and sincere friends come into your life, helping you overcome obstacles of all kinds. Black dogs bring wealth and protection. Golden dogs bring prosperity and happiness and white dogs bring love and romance.

Garden Creatures That Bring Good Fortune

Include insects and grasshoppers. If a grasshopper were to hop into your house, it means a very distinguished person is about to visit you. It can also mean that you are about to receive a great honour. Ladybirds suggest visitors, while frogs jumping into your home suggest money is coming to you.

For more good omens, read here.

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  1. Well, I have an old dog, a tree full of lady bugs, and I did notice a grasshopper clinging to my curtain the other day. 3 cats come and go at will, and we have a horse. A round of good luck for the year, One?



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