Petting A Turtle

How To Pet A Malayan Box Turtle?

Things You Need
1. A Hand
2. A Turtle
3. A Table (Optional)
4. Patience
5. Loads Of Metta

Steps To Petting A Turtle
1. Put The Turtle On A Table.
2. Be At Eye Level With The Turtle's Eyes.
3. Rub Its Carapace Gently.
4. Focus On The Area Above The Head.
5. Smile And Exude Metta.
6. Do Not Drink Turtle Soup At The Same Time.

The Turtle Enjoying A Good Massage

Warning: Do Not Do This With A Snapping Turtle!

Clifford Looking Fondly At Batu

"Can I Try A 'Paw' To Pet Batu Too?"

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