Caption - Dog Tired

I am posting a photo based on some of the captions you came up with last week.
If you have been following the weekly Caption Game, you would notice that this photo below did not appear last Monday but it goes so well with some of your suggested captions.

Anna : Dog tired!!!

Genie : What is this about climbing a mountain...all I want to do is to plop right here and chill.

Cheryl : Oh crap! I just heard the clicking sound again! Why can't One just leave me alone?

GardenWalkGardenTalk : I didn't even finish with the appetizer and here comes the main course.

Bananaz : Wasp-up? Didn't you receive my text message? Our Queen wanna have turkey this Thanksgiving!

Hootin' Anni : Table for two?

Hootin' Anni : Her-r-r-e, Mousey, Mousey...

Milka : I hope no one sees me, now that I see no one.
(Personal note to Milka : The above is improvised from your comment.)

Solitude Rising : I don't remember burying the doggone bone that deep.

Bananaz : Clifford held his breath for 19 minutes and 51 seconds, breaking the world record in "breath-holding in a hole". Do NOT try this at home! It is extremely dangerous and should only be undertaken by a skilled trained, professional DOG.

One : "Hey!!! Did someone just switched off the lights?", asked Clifford as he put his head deeper into the hole.

Notice cold sweat trickling down the grasshopper's neck?

Even if you are not game for captions, I hope Clifford's silly expression bring a smile to your face.

You are all invited to share your creative captions for the last 2 photos.
Comments are of course welcomed too.

Have fun!
Smile now for a great week ahead!

Note : In case I'm taken too seriously, let me just clarify here.
The water droplets on the grasshopper are actually raindrops.
I have not seen this grasshopper fly nor hop before because it is still at the nymph stage.

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  1. Such a sweet doggy expression! I like your ant shot.

  2. Don't know why I have to climb this thing when hopping is so much easier.

  3. Ha ha. These are good. Who ever knew grasshoppers could sweat?

    — Kay, Alberta, Canada

  4. It was such fun seeing all of our tid bits played back for us this week. I think they were even funnier this time. This has rally put a big grin on my face . I really needed it after Mr. Linky messed with me and posted my thumbnail 3 times while all along telling me there was an error with my listing. I am so embarrassed. Hope Lisa gets them off and soon! Genie

  5. Happy Monday to you! It looks like Clifford is getting lots of the limelight these days, looks like the butterflies are not coming out yet. I saw lots of them this weekend, but my point and shoot's charged batteries are left. It was so easy shooting them after the rain when they are sunning their wings to dry. It was not my time to shoot them nicely yet!

  6. Aww cute. I love the expression. :)

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  7. Pix #1. A remake insect version of Ethan Hunt in the next movie "Mission I'm-possible" at it's most critical moment with the one drop of sweat that could ruin his mission of stealing the NOC list from the CIA HQ.

    Pix #2. Oh no! Praying hard my gal friend dont get to see, this she may think I'm gay.

  8. Clifford reminds me of my Hawaiian students who come to Colorado to go to the university. They always wear a flower tucked behind their ear with their hair pulled back on one side. They just look so sweet and adorable. The flowers, of course, are silk because the real ones are not readily available; nonetheless, they are charming, as is Clifford. As for the grasshopper, he'd better be sweating. I am not quite as charmed by him, for his relatives have descended upon our garden with a vengeance decimating all that is in their path. Have a great week.

  9. Oh yes, convert my comment to a caption. I am just not clever enough to come up with something. Perhaps he is sweating because it is open season on grasshoppers. As for Clifford: I"m not Hawaiian, thank you--which doesn't mean much unless you know the little story.

  10. LOL now i'm in love with Clifford!

    Grasshopper: Give me a break, I'm a hopper, not a climber!

    Clifford: Can't help it, my inner gay is blooming!

  11. First of all...glad to see that Clifford has a face. LOL...and so darned adorable!! Since the hibiscus is the Hawaiian state flower I thought of this....Now, on for the caption: "Mana'o nahenahe!" Meaning...sweet dreams.

  12. Clifford is tooooo cute - and your photos are wonderful.

  13. 1)" Man, I need to join Weight Watchers! I'm only half way to the top and sweating like a pig!!!"
    2) Hawaiian Junior Miss Dog Pageant Winner!

    I have a fun time with your captions each week :) Thanks for choosing my last week's entry.
    P.S. Clifford is adorable!

  14. Grasshopper: Ahhhh Grasshopper! with wax on...('wax on, wax off', only makes sense if you've seen karate kid, the original that is.)

    Clifford: If only I had opposable thumbs. I could get rid of this flower before someone takes a picture............eughhhhh too late!

  15. What a sweet face. Lovely photo of Clifford. :)

  16. "smiling'.. great post.. love the last photo with your dog and and flower.. great experession

  17. Funny. I like the add a caption...here's mine:

    What is she putting on me now?!

  18. Fun game!

    First photo: "What are you looking at?"

    My caption for the second photo is: "Flowers are for girls, sigh...."

  19. Clifford is adorable!

  20. Wonderful blog!
    Thanks so much for enjoying my artwork!
    I'm not on networked blogs, just regular blogs like I see on other blogs. I put your url in my blog roll and I now see your posts. Don't really know what a "networked blog" is.

  21. These are beautiful photos and captions as well. Love the grasshopper shot!

    Golden champagne Mangoes, hope you can come and see. Have a nice week.

  22. The wasp and the grasshopper are my favourites, though I do love dogs!

  23. Oh my goodness, the last shot here is just precious!
    #2 "Beauty is not all it's made out to be!!"

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  24. Hello One. Thanks for picking my caption even though its about food again :)

  25. Aloha Clifford. Is that grasshopper wearing a new pick colour contact lens.

  26. bwaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha. wonderful smiles for me this morning

  27. Pozwól spać pieskowi , nie przeszkadzaj mu mrówko i koniku polny. Jesteście śliczne na tych zdjęciach, ale piesek jest zmęczony :-). pOZDRAWIAM

  28. for the first photo ;
    go away, i am so tired. let me sleep.
    greetings from Romania



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