Funny Answers By Students

In my last Caption post, I shared a photo of a man in jail under the stair case of a primary school.

Here are some of the possible reasons why school kids might end up there.

The funny answers above are extracted from Edvantage.

In case the first photo bothers you, let me elaborate a little about it.
The intention of the school was to inform students that drug trafficking can lead them to jail.
(Actually in our country, it leads to a death sentence.)

The painting of happy children learning and playing outside the jail shows that we have a choice as to where we want to be.
Nevertheless the sight of the man in jail made me jumped when I first came across it.
Be assured that those students who came up with such funny answers didn't end up in this jail.

I have some awesome photos that I would like to share with you today.
Please check out Gold Dragonfly and White Grasshopper.


  1. Some lateral thinking there on the part of students,which is good to see...

  2. I love those graffiti explanations! I am glad i didn't end up there, but maybe just in a virtual jail.

  3. Often hear over TV 'Gantung sampai mati' so they missed out the hanging rope over the head maybe that might give a better omphhhhh.

  4. Like the pix of the cool sexy lady in y=f(x)..pretty creative..Who knows if I am the teacher who marks this exam sheet may award him 1 0r 2 marks for creativity and originality hahaha. Anyway Bananaz did put some of this remarks in my exam sheet before ~;).

  5. I made my teachers pening kepala a lot of time too.

  6. Very cool use of right and left brain in these kids. Best answers on math problems yet in my opinion!

  7. Good lessons for me too...

  8. Well, you got me at "death sentence" and I forgot everything else.
    Seriously, I know nothing about calculus, but I do know when WW II took place, and a little bit about the digestive system. I think all old ladies know more about digestion than we care to discuss.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  9. That's very funny! When i used to teach, I also got some really funny answers, i wish I saved some of them to put in a book. I like the mural and message. A good deterrent.

  10. Very funny One. Yes the photos are awesome - how amazing that you inspired someone to create a work of art!

  11. Oh my! One! You had me in stiffles! Hehehe! Really enjoyed reading each and every one of them! I'm glad I'm not a teacher, I would not think it is funny then! I would 'pengsan' first! Hahahahahahahahaha! :)

  12. I would love to have had the nerve to answer like this when I was at school. The first one specially interests me because, although the answer may not have been the right one, it shows a particular way of seeing. Ditto the 'expand' one to some degree. Find 'x' appeals most to my humour.

  13. hehehe! I love it, thinking outside the box and brilliant on so many levels! Thanks for the laugh!



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