Coconuts with an Orb

As you would probably notice by now, Clifford appears in many of my photos. He tags along regardless of whether I am taking photos or gardening. I cleverly thought of an idea and brought him a coconut so that I could garden in peace. He was delighted. I had expected him to slowly chew it apart and produce coir as a final product for my garden. He did just that but not before he had some fun with his new ball. He held the coconut with his strong jaw and threw it into the air repeatedly till the coconut hit me. Ouch!!! My advice is, never leave your dog with a coconut while you are gardening.

We love to drink the juice from the tender coconut as it is deliciously sweet and nutritious.
Clifford enjoys the tender coconut flesh while lying on a trampoline.

Pichu, our pom thought we have given him a new potty.

There are endless of possible uses with coconut husks. The scouts use it as a pot to cook their meal. I thought they could be used as a bed border. Both Goldee and Clifford normally chew them apart after some time. I use the coir as mulch.

My neighbour saw them as bowling pins and arranged them into a triangle shape to be knocked down by a coconut ball.

Do you see an orb above? I do not find them eerie. I have posted about orbs several times. Sometimes, I think they are dust, pollens, mosquitoes or moths. I don't know about this one so, I wrote to Diana Cooper who offers explanation on orbs. The following is the reply. 

These are the angels of you together with Archangel Michael – showering the dog and the person in the picture with joy and protection and assisting them both with there next step on the path.

Namaste Carol for Diana Cooper. 

What are your thoughts on orbs?

P.S. :  For photos of coconut flowers and information on other uses of coconuts, please visit Andrea's Site.


  1. You have a very good experience to be learned by me.

    It must be too heavy to have experienced it.

  2. I think it make a lovely bed border. Is all that coconuts from your garden? I never can climb a coconut tree until where the fruit are.

  3. It's so much fun to read how people garden in other parts of the world. I'm here playing with all these fallen leaves and shutting down the gardens, even posting about the first snowfall, while you, on the other hand, are having fun with coconuts (something we sure don't see around here). As for the orbs, I wonder what little insect/moth your camera flash is catching in mid-flutter. Certainly makes for interesting speculation. :-D

  4. I never hear about orbs before. You mentioned that I had orbs in some night shots I took. I did not know they had meaning and purpose. I will investigate them.

    Clifford looks so cute with his coconut. It must be rather heavy for him. Pichu can almost fit inside one.

  5. wow.. your picture with the orb is worthless. Its all good :)

  6. Rainfield, It didn't occur to me that the coconut would hit me. Yes, it was a heavy experience.

    Diana, I don't have any coconut tree. We buy coconut drinks and I requested to take home the coconut husks.

    Kris, Actually I haven't seen anyone playing with coconuts. Only Clifford and gang.

    Donna, I often see orbs in the photos I take especially those taken at night. I kind of assume everyone has the same experience. You are right about Pichu. Will try to fit him in. :)

    Cina Fong, I hope you meant priceless. :)

  7. It's always amazing to see how others garden on the other side of the world. A coconut is something rarely seen in our home.

  8. Hi Marguerite, I hope I am not giving the wrong impression. I don't see others gardening with coconuts in Malaysia. Over here, some people use coir as mulch but they buy them from the nursery. They don't get their dogs to produce them.

  9. How cool! Not the coconut hitting you but that you use coconut in your gardening too. I, myself, use coconut peat.

    I've seen some orbs in some of my pictures as well but have never really bothered to investigate. Hmm....

  10. Interesting. I never know the dog like to eat coconut flesh. It's something new to me.

  11. No idea about the orb! Clifford must have been trying to get your attention! I can see that he has succeeded! Hope there's no "coconut" on your head after that! ^..^

  12. Remember the song C-O, C-O, N-U-T? Cocoa Nut or Coconut? I like coconut flesh and coconut juice, especially during the hot season. Did you make any 'Coconut Herbal Chicken Double-boiled Soup' with the coconuts? About the orbs, it didn't exist in my vocab until you taught me here. I thought it appeared in my pictures due to my poor photography skills, so I deleted those!

  13. I have never seen such coconuts. Here we can buy small, hairy, ones with very tough shells. Clifford does seem to know what to do with it. cheers. ann

  14. I've never heard of dogs eating coconuts but then again, my dogs go crazy for carrots. As for the orb? I'm not sure... Maybe its a guardian angel!!

  15. Bom, Coconut peat is good stuff. I've just started to use them.

    Orchid, Not all dogs like coconut flesh. They too have preferences.

    Joyce, Clifford never fails to get my attention.

    AB, Just like 'orb' is not in your vocab, 'Double Boiled Soup' is not in mine. :) I enjoy eating the young, tender, coconut flesh and drinking the cooling, nutritious coconut drink. It would never occur to me to cook with it.

    Ann, The hairy coconuts are on the inside of the coconut you see above. They must have taken out the coir our so that the coconuts do not take up too much space for transportation.

    TS, Your dogs eat carrots? Mine too but only the cooked ones. Goldee eats spinach direct from the growing plant though.

  16. hi One, i actually read this earlier yesterday even before i posted last night, however i thought i already commented here, hehe. I actually thought to PM you about orbs, but memory gap sets in again. I must link this with yours, i't try to do that now, so no more forgetting.

  17. Coconut is a great tree. You can use pratically everything from stem, leaves, fruit, husk etc! Have you tried young coconut flesh pie? emmm...delicious! Your coconut post reminded me of good old days in my kampung, where I helped my uncle to take out the smoked coconut flesh, for 5cents each during school holidays.He had a smoke kiln near his house and sold the smoked coconut to a processing factory to make coconut oil.

  18. Thanks for the chuckle! What a great post! Loved the photos and the text.

  19. Coconut is suck a delicious fruit! Love your cute dogs hahaha. That orb is kinda creepy...but that's just it hahaha.

  20. Your dogs are so cute! I never know about Orb before! I thought it's photography mistake!

  21. Clifford has strong jaws! Sorry about the pain you endured when the coconut hit you... but I think Clifford thinks it is fun to do so... ;-) Coconut husk as garden bed borders... cool idea!!

  22. P3Chandan, I've not heard of coconut flesh pie. Your childhood days seem fun. Good money too. I wonder if smoked coconut flesh is hard.

    Kanak7, Thanks. But you chuckled because I was hit?

    Aaron, It is creepy only because you imagined it to be so. You can choose your imagination. Change channel. :)

    Malar, Orb exists but I don't know what they are. Maybe you could share yours in the future.

    Steph, Actually I need a lot to make a border. I only have a few at the moment. Toads can treat the coconuts as their home.

  23. I was fasinated reading about the coconuts, I know so little about them. They do look like fun toys for larger dogs. I could not help but notice the little Pom has a boy diaper. I have to put one on my Pom also, as he is territorial and when provoked will mark the house (provoked as in doggie visitors).

    The orb is neat.

  24. Orb=ball lightning. Work it. Either that or something is reflecting the flash back onto your lens. I like the ball lightning theory better.

  25. Once when we visited the Caymen Islands, we ate coconuts all week that we picked up off the beach! I love coconuts, but they are expensive here. Usually one buys coconut pre shredded in bags, to use in dessert or salad recipes. It's not the same!

  26. Lifeshighway, Good to know you have a pom too. Mine is extremely territorial. Thanks goodness for the creation of diapers. Otherwise, I would be mopping the floor again.

    Susan, Ball lightning in my garden during a drizzling night. Hmmm... quite possible.

    Hi Deb, Over here, coconuts are usually less than USD1 but maybe more if purchased in restaurants. I wonder how you opened the coconuts at the beach.

  27. We don't have coconuts here. You can do so many thing with those.
    I love your dogs.



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