Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day Oct 2010 at Onenezz

My second pot of lotus is showing its first bloom today.
I thought I should take this opportunity to participate in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for the first time.

3 days ago, my dragon fruit flower bloomed.

This morning, a fruit is forming at the base. Yippee!

Portulaca - Yellow

More Portulaca


Mandevilla Vine with Mt Fuji Morning Glory in the background.

Titty Fruit Flower...

....with Titty Fruit

My second agave plant is in flowers now. 
The first one which I posted recently is showing signs of old age.

I found these blooming in the shop. 
Thought you may like it.
For more blooms, please visit Carol over at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. So glad you posted for Bloom Day. I knew you would have some of the prettiest flowers, the lotus is such a pretty color. Even the trowels, they are so cute. Great photos.

  2. Agreed. The lotus is very beautiful. Wonderful blooms all around:)

  3. Donna, Thank you for giving me the idea.

    Rohrerbot, My lotus is refusing to bloom fully probably due to the lack of sunlight. Nevertheless there is beauty in buds. :)

  4. Beautiful blooms! I love the Portulaca, the shade of yellow is just lovely. The lotus is going to be one beauty! The titty fruit is new to me. Will the fruits turn to yellow? One of the houses in my neighbourhood had this plant before, they look like a plant with many golden bells! But I don't see the plant anymore. Can the fruits be eaten?
    Your gardening tools looks very cheerful and pretty! Have not seen this before. Good find!

  5. Kitchen Flavours, The Portulaca is really easy to grow. Let me know if you want some. The lotus is partially covered from sunlight and refusing to bloom properly. The titty fruit will turn yellow. They usually sell this during CNY. Cannot be eaten but apparently can be used as a detergent. Have not tried. Those ain't my tools. They were in Parkson. I thought they were to be admired, not used. :)

  6. HI One, i've posted the what you call "titty fruit" before, and i think Autumn Belle also. It's amusing to know how it is called there, because the common name is nipple fruit, tit is synonym for nipple :) But what i found most amusing in your blooms are the 3 varieties of Spadanus speciosus, commonly known as spades! I bet they have very long shelf life.

  7. Impossible not to titter at the titty fruit... Lovely lotus - where do you garden? (Found you through Carol's GBBD)

  8. I took similar lotus flowers at Kangar one months ago.

    They were eaten by grasshoppers.

  9. Andrea, Those 3 varieties of Spadanus speciosus are my favourite. I forgot to check their expiry dates but they do look like the hardy type with long shelf life. Checked out your nipple fruits with poky leaves. They look happier than mine. I don't know what people here call it. We usually only see it during Chinese New Year. I just chose one of names which is easier to be pronounced.

  10. Janet, Thanks for coming by. I'm from Malaysia.

    Redneck, Hi! Saw your beautiful roses.

    Rainfield, A huge grasshopper has been hanging around my lotus plant. So far they have been nibbling the leaves, not the flower.

  11. I'm not familiar with the Titty Fruit. Does it turn orange eventually? I agree with your commenter Andrea. Those are great spadanus. :-D

  12. Hi One! Your blooms are gorgeous!! I remember seeing the titty fruit at Andrea's. Glad you included the bloom too. Love the lotus and the mandevilla. As for the gardening tools...wow!

  13. aloha,

    what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful macro photos especially your dragon fruit...gorgeous

    thanks for sharing that with us

  14. Your dragon fruit bloom amazed me! Love the fact that it is in pale yellow. Now I wonder why the fruit is so red.

    Your mandevilla bloom is gorgeous.

    Oh that trowel is too beautiful for my rough handling ha ha... but it's really pretty ;-) Have a great weekend.

  15. What a gorgeous garden tour. Oh, how I wish I could grow some tropicals... Such fun. Happy Bloom Day. Glad to have discovered you over at Carol's.

  16. Hello One. Love love your new flowers. As yours are just starting to bloom, mine will soon succumb to a heavy, mortal fall frost, so I shall have to live vicariously through your beautiful tropical garden. ann

  17. Titty fruit flowers are something else! And that last blooming flowers standing in a row is cute..Great show of your garden blooms!

  18. Portulaca is one plant that I would love to try and grow as an annual here - I've always admired its blooms in my old gardening book. Once I even saw one being sold as a bonsai. I've never heard of a titty fruit flower before - blogging's great when you come across so many new plants. Lovely photos One :)

  19. Love your lotus bloom... would love to see it fully open too! The Agave flowers are amazing. All of your many blooms are lovely!! ;>)

  20. Loved the dragon fruit flower. I had not seen one before.

  21. One your post is beautiful! So many beautiful photos tell us that your garden is captivating. Thanks for the tour.

  22. What a beautiful lotus and dragonfruit! I'm still waiting on my passalong cereus to bloom. Probably won't be until next summer, as I don't think they bloom in winter. Also, I love that agave shot with the blue sky background. Very nice! The blooming spades are cute too.

  23. Nice post! Those Agave blooms are out of this world!

  24. Now you got me curious again. What is titty fruit?edible?not a common Malaysian tropical fruit is it?

  25. Oh Wow, so many beautiful blooms from your garden. They are gorgeous! I love lotus flowers but no luck with them yet. I bought some live lotus plants from the morning market but they died on me after a few weeks of nurturing :(

  26. Bom, It will turn golden yellow eventually. Lovely spades. :)

    Kanak7, Thank you. Your blue wild flower was gorgeous too.

    Noel, Aloha. Glad you love them. Your Dahlias are even more wonderful.

    Stephanie, White flower, yet red fruit. It's the same with chillies. Why? I have no clue.

    Kate, I've been to your blog a few times. Hope you have noticed me by now, dear.

    Ann, Although it is season-less here, my plants like Agave, Zinnia and Portulaca have to replaced soon.

    P3Chandan, Oh! You like the last ones too. Those are my favourites.

    Rosie, Portulaca is extremely easy to grow. The flowers only last for a few hours each day though. Titty fruit is uncommon. It looks better when ripe but the plant itself is kind of messy.

    Carol, Lotus flower is finally fully open up! It is very attractive. Thank you for dropping by regularly. Really appreciate it.

    Valerie, Our weather is extremely different from yours. It's amazing you could classify your flowers based on seasons. To me, we have only 2 seasons; hot or rainy.

    Whimsical Gardener, Thanks. Your collection is larger and a lot more striking than mine.

  27. Floridagirl, Glad you like my collection here although it doesn't come with a green anole.

    Scottweberpdx, You are right! Agave flowers are not really pretty but they are out of this world.

    Diana/MKG, Titty fruit is in the same family as 'terung'. Not edible. Not common. But I thought it looks good when it turns yellow.

    Autumn Belle, You are welcomed to take some from me. Free plant with free handling tips.

  28. Wow. All lovely, but the Dragon fruit flower takes the cake for me. I love the vibrant colours too.

  29. I was going to try choosing my favorite. They're all too pretty. :D



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