Dog Championship Show

Max is a winner. 
When we met him at 4:30 pm, he was smiling. 
He has been winning and smiling throughout the day.


  1. Max really look neat! Yes he is smiling... so cute.

    Hope he will get a sumptous meal and more pampering after this win he he...

  2. The MKA All Breed Championship Show lasted for an entire day in Setia Ecopark. It is amazing that all these champions continue to look good with beaming smiles and excellent posture throughout the whole day.

    For those interested to see champions of other categories, click on Continue Reading above.

  3. That is a gorgeous Pomeranian! Its fur is so beautifully combed. It's like it is wearing a fur scarf on its neck.

  4. Great pics of all those pooch participants! Everyone was decked out in their best fluff and fur. Loved the Goldie taking it's own self for a walk. LOL There's nothing like a good dog...:-D



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