Wild Mushrooms

Mushroom grows on soil but it is not a plant.

(Looks like a matchstick?)

Mushroom takes in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.
Yet it is not an animal.

Mushrooms are classified in a separate kingdom called fungi.

Some mushrooms are edible
(Some even look like pancakes to me.)

(Anyone feeling squashed?)

Many mushrooms have gills that produce millions of spores.

(A chef's hat?)

However, puffballs which are fist-size or larger, do not have gills and contain their spores inside it.
Puffballs are supposedly edible but I have not tried them before.

(A lovely lampshade?)

(Reminds me of Sunflowers without petals.)

Mushrooms have been used as medicine since thousands of years ago. 

Fungi is a great decomposer, serving an important role in ecosystem.

(Err... a goblin?)

(The elixir of life?)

Amongst all the fungi in my garden, there is one that I must show you.
It is a golden heart that says, 



  1. WOW! That's a lot of fungi. My house has a few cute ones.

  2. I love your mushrooms! such a great variety of them aswell and many shapes and colours I never seen before. I used to have great fun with puffballs as a child - but never ate them!

  3. Great pics - lovely and charming too.

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Marigold grows easily. I got a packet of Marigold seeds and it came with many seeds. I have sowed half of them and they grow well. I would be glad to send the remaining half to you to try growing Marigold. I learnt from 2 fellow bloggers (Wendy & BangChik) who had generously sent me packets of seeds. So I would like to pass on their habit of sharing to other fellow gardening bloggers too. Pls email to me at subangjayadailyphoto@gmail.com and the seeds would be on its way.

    I am amazed with the different kind of mushrooms that you posted here. Some of them looks very unusual.

  5. All those Fungi look amazing! Are any of them edible. I know that the ones that pop up in my backyard, we can not eat! But I love the look and texture of the Fungi.

  6. That's variety of mushrooms! Yellow colour fungi? It looks like petal of flower!
    I have seen 1 or 2 type in my garden but never eat them.

  7. Hello onennezz! Love that last one... yellow heart... it's cute :-) Great photos of these mushrooms. Wild mushrooms usually show up in my containers during cooler/rainy days.

  8. Dear all, Thank you for coming by to admire the mushrooms. When I took out the camera, I thought there were only a handful of varieties. But life is like this, isn't it? When we pay attention to something in particular, we see more and more of it. Fyi, all the mushrooms are found just in front of my house. No, I don't live in the jungle.

    JC, Thanks a million. Will write to you.



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