Bird's Eye Chillies

I love hot chillies. Bird's Eye Chillies, also known as 'Cili Padi' locally are easily planted from seeds. 

I am contented eating just two of these bird's eyes chillies with fried rice as they are very hot. The rest of the harvest were given to my neighbours.

Two of my dogs posing with a Cili Padi plant.

A closer view of the chillies.

A Chilli flower. 

Bird's Eye Chillies are usually thin and elongated. But some are oval?
Actually I planted tomato and chilli in the same pot.
The chilli plant act as a support for the tomato's soft stem and probably scare away some bugs too.

Aerial view of Chillies, Tomato and Red Japanese Rose in a pot.
This is my gardening style.
I water 3 plants at one go.
Chillies, tomatoes and rose will all be RED, so there is consistency in colour.
They probably absorb different nutrients from the soil.
The tomato plant is supported by the chilli plant.
Save soil, save water, save fertilizer, save effort.

I have planted many varieties of chillies. Hope to be able to share those in the future.


  1. Beautiful Chilies! I love spicy and I'm sure it's great with fried rice. My peppers are taking so long. I planted Jalapenos from seeds and I also have nursery bought Serrano but still only have flowers. I think it's our climate and elevation in the mountains. Very late harvest and my Tomatoes are still not ripen, I've been waiting for what seems like forever! Your Chilies looks wonderful :)

  2. Very nice batch of chilies you have there. I love cooking Thai foods and these would be perfect!

    I just joined you blog after finding it through the blog hop party.


  3. Your chilies look fabulous! I love differnt chilies. Do you save any of your seeds. Wondering if you would like to do a seed trade? I love planting chilies with my tomatos for support, its a great idea.

  4. Priscilla, Not all my chilli seedlings turn out well. And my tomatoes are taking forever too.

    Carla, Thanks for dropping by. I'll hop to your blog soon.

    Jenn, I'll save some chilli seeds and send them to you. Just tell me to where.

    Your tomatoes look HUGE. The chilli plant may just collapse with all that weight. LOL. The chilli plant needs a few months headstart and then you can plant cherry tomatoes with it.

  5. I thought I would ho over here to talk about basil. It is wonderful fresh on pasta with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. I also use it in salads and in vinaigrette. You could make your own tomato based spaghetti sauce. You could use the recipe I have on my blog for the Thyme Chicken and use basil instead. I used anaheim chilies in that recipe, but you could use your pepper.

    I do dry it for use in the winter months too.

  6. That should have read Hop over here!

  7. Hot and spicy chilies! Your plants look so healthy!

  8. Carla, Thanks. I'll try that out soon.

    Malar, Not all are healthy but chillies, yes! I have so many hot chillies, I gave some away almost everyday. Chillies for free. Anyone?

  9. So many chilis in your harvest. I can pickle them, make sambal belacan, kimchi and also yong-tofo with them!

  10. I love chili, only no luck in growing them! The chillies are the 'permanent resident' in my fridge. There is always a pack of chillies around. Yours are absolutely gorgeous...

  11. Kitchen Flavours, Plant them on the ground instead of in the pot, if possible. They are much more productive that way.



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