What Do You See?

It is known that dogs have sharper senses than human beings. We know that they are able to see objects and detect motion much better than we do in dim light.

How sharp is a dog's vision? What do they see?

In the photo above, Pichu turned his head and looked at something behind him which was not visible to me. However, the digital camera picked up something unusual.

Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell offered this explanation :
The dog is looking at a fairy with an angel of love. As you look at it you receive the love of the fairies.

What do you see?


  1. I tot it's a fish at first..coz i was feeding mine..when i looked closely..there's no water!!!amazing how this fairies and be caught on camera...

  2. Definitely not a fish on cement. But could it possibly be water reflection?



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