About Batu

'Batu', our new found tortoise is hiding inside the compost during this rainy season. We thought it left but it is just enjoying the heat given out from the compost. Animals are very clever, aren't they? There is no need to bring it into the house when temperature drops. They just know what to do if given enough freedom. Then again, it could be rummaging for food in the compost.

Batu well hidden inside the compost


  1. our world is full of amazing things... very often, we rush thru life and miss out on the little things...

    take batu for instance... batu knows where it can find a good 'home'. :)

  2. Yes, the world is very amazing indeed! I made the most amazing mistake for assuming Batu is a tortoise. Thankfully I discovered it today before any harm is caused.

    I wanted to provide proper care for Batu and did some researh on what type of tortoise Batu is. To my frustration, there isn't any tortoise in the world that looks like Batu.

    That prompted me to dig out photos to see how its feet looks like and ....oh gosh! It is a turtle! Am I amazed!

    I am also amazed that that it drizzles very often everday. The rain has compensated for the lack of water feature in my garden. Thank goodness!



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